Manhattan NY Swinger's Party January 31st

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    OK Stop right here fellas This Is Not A Gangbang
    No.... We are not Inviting anymore single men we have reached or max of 10
    Any Single men responding to this post will be ignored because you have proved to us you can not read and you are not a match at our parties

    We are hosting a swinger's Party in Manhattan on January 31
    Right in the heart of midtown Manhattan

    We are looking for height weight and proportion people

    No disrespect to anyone but we are not looking for BBW'S

    The dress code will be (casual attire). (Sexy) Or (Naked) what ever makes you feel comfortable.
    Unlike other people who host swinger parties we are not doing this to get rich

    Admission to this event is $40.00 per couple 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    If you are interested please email a G rated photo and a contact number to If you can not Voice verify Sorry You are not what we are looking for

    The party again is Saturday January 31 @ a location in Midtown Manhattan

    Welcome to the Secret Society
    One of the most exclusive, alternative swinger Lifestyle Organization's in the NYC area. These are the hotel parties were members experience a sensual atmosphere, A sexy vibe, and the opportunity to explore their sexuality. Our discrete member’s selection process assures that only the best and beautiful receive invitations to our party locations. To help create a wild and unique party experience. The Secret Society remains the true sanctuary of infinite possibilities!