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Part one:

My name’s Stephen, 59 year old retired and unattached. I’m a single white heterosexual male. My addiction to interracial sex has developed stronger in the past few years and I find myself spending more time on ir sites. For me interracial sex is strictly black guys screwing pretty white chics. The shame of it all is I have to keep my passion a secret from my real life contactss. That is until I met Ron. Tony and Guy in a ir chat room whom all have the same love for ir and are also unattached white guy who like to masterbate to black guys and white girls.

It was late summer, sunday morning I awoke in my room at the small beach side hotel. The sounds of the waves was relaxing as I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom for duty call. It was a hell of a weekend and I was exhausted but even though the sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon something gave me the inclination to look out on the beach. Directly below I could see the small outside bar where just a few hours ago I was busy serving the guest drinks.

The hotel was situated in a secluded area along the Virginia beach and had been up for sale for over a year before I and my three partners rented it from the widow Mrs Dipolitto.

On Friday morning my partners and I arrived here to open and stock the bar and resturaunt and with Mrs D’s help we prepared for the guest. We had taken one hunderd twentyfive prepaid reservations over the internet ad that was posted on an interracial site. Our ad clearly stated only WHITEFEMALES AND BLACKMALES were invited. The $300 for males and $100 for females fee was a flat rate that gave them 2 nights stay and all food and bev’s. Of course we supplied music and any services they might require. Surprisingly most of the advanced reservations we received were from white chics by almost 2 to 1 but after the word got out we got a huge influx of brothers started pooring in on Saturday afternoon. Naturally we gave those a discount.

Still half asleep I peered through the curtains I noticed movement in the shadows near the water. I couldn't make them out but it was apparent a man and woman having sex. I Knew Tony would love to see it and I quickly dialed his room.

"Tony quick . look out the window down near wht water on the right"

"Shit Steve. What the??? Oh wow!!! thats great. Damn. look at that n..r go".

"Ha ha. fuck yes Tony. I got a mean hardon right now but I can't leave until they finish".

"Uh fuck Steve, I can't wait. I yanking the shit outa mine right now. Whose the whitebitch he's screwing? you reconize her Steve?".

I think She's that cute little brunette from Alabama. When the finish I'll run down to get a better look at them when they come back in the hotel".



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Part Two

It was three months prior when I was chatting with Tony, a white guy I often found on one of my favorite chat rooms. We both had a lot in common in our love for interracial sex and he and I were both retired but spend a lot of time checking our ir sites and we exchanged lots of pics mostly of black guys and white chics engaged in sex. Tony oftened expressed his desire of how much he’d like to be more involve getting white girls with black guys but he like myself was also in his retired years and unattached having been divorced 4 years earlier.

“Hey Steve. Why don’t we put together a ir party? Maybe we can rent out a bar somewhere and have a party for black guys and whitechics only”.

“Damn Tony. That’s something I’ve dream about for a while now. You must be reading my mind. Lol. I often wonder how to get started and how much cash it would take”.

“Maybe it won’t cost as much as you think Steve. I got a few other white guys I’ve been chatting with who are interested in doing it”

“Shit Tony. Now you got me thinking. Maybe we can do it. Why don’t we try to get you and me and the two others on a conference call and discust it?”

A couple days later I was reading a hot ir story on the net when my phone rang.

“Yo Steve. Tony, NYC…. I got Ron from Dover and Guy from DC here”.

“Guys, this is Steve from Philly”

“Hi Steve. Ron here. Nice to talk to you”.

“Hey Steve. Guy here. Tony was telling me about your interest in a party for black guys and white chics. I think it’s a great idea. We have to get together and have a meeting. It’s lucky were all in relative local. How bout we all meet in Atlantic City next weekend?”.

Sure Guy. I’m in”. How about the Hooter’s at the Tropicana?

We all agreed and met at Hooter.s in the Tropicana that weekend



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We recognized each other immediately from the pictures we exchanged online.”

“Oh hello Tony” I Stood up to shake his hand. “So we finally meet. I guess that means we’re both serious about it, ha ha”.

“Ha ha. Oh hell yes. You and I are. I hope Ron and Guy are too”. “ Hope those two show up but even if they don’t we can enjoy the scenery here with all those lovely Hooter Girls”.

“Yeah Steve. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of them to attend the party?”

“Oh hell yes. But not some of them, all of them, ha ha. We owe it to the brothers to fix them some with the hottest white girls we can find.

“Hey Tony and Steve”. Guy called out as he and Ron approached our table. Damn guys. We should have the party here. Mmmm look at all this fine white pussy.” You know some n…rs are hitting some of them ha ha”.

“Ha ha, I hope so” I said as we all shook hands greeting our two new arrivals.

The meeting was more like a party itself. While we drank and enjoyed focusing on some of the hot ladies. We were all amatures at this but it was Ron that had the best idea. He’s a retired police officer and does handywork for a rich widow who happens to be involved with a black ex pro football player. He told us that Mrs Dipolitto owns a small beachside hotel that’s been up for sale for about a year. Ron said he already talked to Mrs D about using the hotel for a party and she first had no interest until he told her what our idea was to have a Mandingo Beach Party. Since her husband passed little over a year she introduced her two daughters to black men before she her self became involved with the ex linebacker Rodney Hicks.

Ron called Mrs D from our table and I got to speak to her on Ron’s cell. She sounded pretty hot herself and she wanted to meet our whole group, inviting us to her home in well to do neighborhood near Dover, Delaware.

Part four

I thought he was the butler when he greeted me at the door of Mrs D’s mansion.

“Hi. I’m Steve” I said, holding out my hand to the muscular blackman.

“Yeah, I knows” he answered in kind of rough reply, shaking my hand. “Rodney Hicks” he introduced himself. “Dey all in da den waitin fo youz.”

I was a little taken aback. This is Mrs D’s fiancée. He wasn’t much taller than myself but he was very muscular and his thick black hand was very powerful. He was a black man for sure and didn’t care to be anything else. Ron had told us that Mrs D was in her early 50s but didn’t look nearly that old. When I shook her hand I had a mini hardon knowing that Rodney was humping that. She was about 5’3 and in fine shape. Her very lovely daughter Julie, sweetheart little 21 yearold brunette was sitting next to Wallace her black boyfriend. Lydell, Julie’s younger 16 year old sister Heather’s black stud was sitting on Julie’s other side. Heather was due home from school in a short time but I saw a picture of a very beautiful blonde teenager on the mantel I had to think what a lucky young man Lydell was.

When I shook the hands of my three other partners it was like we shared a winning ticket in the lottery. The meeting went off great Mrs D took charge. It was obvious she loved the idea and wanted to do whatever she could to promote the party.

Stanley, Mrs D’s butler was a young white fellow that worked for her husbands realestate company. He was sort of a gofor and he was a very good worker. Mrs D made him her butler and he was cut out for the job. After Stanley served us drinks we dat around waiting to start the meeting.

Mrs D Clapped her hands together and with a big satisfying grin she chirped” A Mandingo Beach Party”!. “What a nice idea. Where were you guys when I was twenty’s ha ha?”

Getting the word out was our biggest obstacle. Mrs D offered to carry us

But she expected us to handle the ad’s to get white girls interested. The four of us whiteguys worked hard planning advertising and