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Making love to wife before and after she is with BBC


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When a date is set up between my wife and a black lover or lovers we usually get very excited and make love more often and more passionately. The one thing Amie has insisted on is not having sex with me at least 3 days before she is with her black men. She wants to be hyper ready and have pent up desire to spare and wants her pussy to be able to take lots of abuse black cock and not tire out too early. Of course this is difficult for me but does build the excitement to a fever pitch.
When they are done filling her I can't wait to fuck the shit out of her myself, to reclaim her body for myself again. Of course I never last long and release my load inside her very quickly, good thing because she is usually very sore and usually can't take much more. The feeling is incredible with her pussy so swollen and juiced up by black man cum. No matter how worn out she feels she still never refuses me, even after she was gang fucked by 8 black men. She is such a trooper! What do the rest of you do before and after your wife/girlfriend is fucked by black bulls?