Luv a Black man

My boss showed me this site and had me print out and sign my copy of the "Obligation" I am glad he did. Because it's no longer on they shut down awhile back. :(
A White Woman's Obligation is to Suck & Fuck Black Men.
By- Michael/Editor
What you ladies will read below is long, detailed, and far different from what you are accustomed to. What is it about? Interracial sex.
Your obligation to yourself to put out for hung Black Studs. Your satisfaction awaits. We begin: An estimated 57% of the members of are white females who want to have interracial sex.
We believe interracial fucking is the RIGHT THING for white females to be doing...engaging in interracial fucking with Black Men for their own satisfaction! In our view, it is the right thing to do to allow the white husband become a sexless cuckold hubby.
This interracial sex website is ALL about: (Continued below....)
* The RIGHT of the Black Man to fuck or get a blowjob from the white female and cum in her at any time.
* The sexual SATISFACTION of the white female that results from her submitting to the sexual demands of the Black Man.
* To that end, we support the recruiting of white females to suck and be fucked by one or many hung Black Studs by WHATEVER means necessary, including education (as found in the Member Area with interviews, articles, stories, nasty fuck and blowjob pictures, and XXX videos.)
* If she has a white husband, it is perfectly acceptable to let him become a cuckold, whether or not he is aware of it. She must always be aware of her duty to suck or fuck. Black Studs know they DESERVE fine white pussy.
The IDEAL situation is for Black Studs to get a white woman's mouth, pussy or asshole to fuck and cum in anytime they get the urge. This is easily confirmed by asking most any Black Stud if he believes any given white female should put out for him upon demand.
The Black Stud very often sees it as the OBLIGATION of the white female to eagerly suck him off or drop her panties, raise her skirt and bend over to get Blackfucked whenever he is horny. That could be on her lunch break at work, when eating dinner, when sleeping, when making love with her husband or white boyfriend, at the mall, when grocery shopping, or at the movies.
She must ALWAYS be conscious of her duty to suck or get fucked on demand. She must always be willing to accommodate Black Studs as her major priority. Her cuckold hubby becomes a lower priority. Who must serve, priorities.
Which white females should do this for the horny Black Stud? All of them.
But you ask, what about the faithful, sexually conservative woman married for 15 years? She must get on her knees to suck any Black Stud on demand, and give forth her best effort to get him to cum in her mouth. Yes, even if he calls her a whore, pulls her hair, grabs onto her ears and fucks her throat with a rock-hard 10-inch thick Black Cock.
It is very important that she recognize her duty to offer up her married pussy to be fucked hard on demand. For in this manner, she will FINALLY achieve the sexual satisfaction that she RIGHTFULLY DESERVES and certainly ISN'T getting from her hubby!
Who takes priority in the married woman's sex life? The Black Stud has the RIGHT to fuck her first, and of course condom usage is optional on his part, NEVER a requirement on her part. In the event of a schedule conflict between, say, the Black Stud wanting to fuck her and dinner on the town with her husband, the Black Man takes precedence.
We believe that her cuckold hubby should be perfectly happy to accompany his slut wife to a restaurant or other function after her Blackfucking, as the Black Man's cum is soaking her panties. And we believe also that it is reasonable of her to request of her cuckold hubby to lick her clean after the Black Stud has cum several times in her cunt. The husband's concern should be to attend to the sexual satisfaction of his wife with his mouth. Nobody wants to hear him whine about the smell or taste of her freshly Blackfucked pussy.
Group sex & recruiting.
Many Black Studs want to make their white girls pregnant. At DarkSecret Interracial Sex Pics & Stories, we support this. In the ideal case, it is the white girl's obligation to do as her Black Stud directs, even going so far as to cease contraception and submit to a group breeding effort so the actual father is unknown. This is also acceptable for married white sluts. Many Black Studs want their buddies to fondle her, enjoy a nice wet blowjob, or a good, hard, bareback fucking. Of course, she must cooperate, or she must expect him to drop her in favor of some other, more eager and cooperative white slut.
Has your Black Man dropped you, girl? Next time, say Yes, not No, to his demands!
We believe that it is the DUTY of the Blackfucking white female to attempt to enlighten her girlfriends into the ways of true sexual satisfaction. We believe that Blackfucking provides the ultimate form of sexual satisfaction for the white female. Thus, it stands to reason that the Blackfucking white female should seek to recruit others in order to improve their sex lives.
We endorse virtually ANY method to recruit white females who could enjoy improvement of their sex lives by becoming sluts for Black Men. Many suitable techniques are outlined in our Hot Confession Interviews (Member Area). If you're not a DarkSecret member, then JOIN already. White females, your call to action.
Now listen up! ALL white females reading this, I need you to start doing your DUTY.
Those of you who surfed over to this website today, those of you who don't yet have your own Black Stud, the TIME HAS ARRIVED for you to get to work. Within 7 days, ladies, I want you to seek out a Black Man and offer him a blowjob. Within 7 days of right now, locate a Black Man, approach him, flirt a little bit, engage him in conversation, and politely ask to suck his cock. Or phone him, pass him a note, or just fall to your knees in front of him and unzip his pants. If you weren't already fantasizing about would not be reading this. So do it. Forget about your hubby or white boyfriend, engaging in interracial sex is your OBLIGATION to YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING.
That blowjob, girls, is your MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. Let your Black Man decide whereabouts he will use your mouth or pussy. Whether it is a parking lot or in the back room of a bar, you do it. If he cums in your mouth, swallow it all. It is not good to allow any of his load to spill out of your mouth, but more important than swallowing every drop is to give him the best suck job possible. It is OK to make a mistake so long as he can see that you are doing your best and are trying to learn! If you are married, wear your wedding ring; it makes you more appealing. Suck him better than you do your husband. Your job is to do as your Black Man instructs, NOT to worry about who might discover you. That is for HIM to be concerned about. Let HIM handle that. Your husband ignores you, Black Men will fuck you. It does not matter whether you have a white boyfriend or even a bigoted soon-to-be cuckold hubby and five children.
This DUTY you have is very much independent of your marital status, or even your economic and social status. Be aware that Black Men observe you in your activities and have considered how nice it would be to fuck your mouth and pussy. Most would like to cause you to experience an hour-long bucking, screaming, kicking, sweating inside-out orgasm. You are desired, ladies.
Black Men want to fuck you like your boyfriend or hubby never has. Do your duty.
The MINIMUM REQUIREMENT you have is to give a blowjob within 7 days of right now. A bareback fuck is preferred. When your initial Black sexual "task" is completed, clean up a bit and go back to your home or your white boyfriend or hubby, for all the world as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened.
No, slut, your duty isn't done. Your obligation to the Black Man is CONTINUOUS and ONGOING. No less often than once each week, the very LEAST you must do is to suck a Big Black Cock.
If you are new at this activity, or any other kind of sex you provide for Black Men, you must improve your skill level with each new sexual encounter. Learn to be a Black Man's (married?) quality white slut.
Interracial fucking yields monster orgasms - let hubby jack off. Continue to enjoy your Big Black Cocks. Let them give you the fantastic orgasms you need and surely deserve. And love your whiteboy. That's the man who loves you. Never feel guilty about giving up your mouth and cunt to Big Black Cock, even behind his back if necessary. Such guilt is rooted in all the sexual fidelity misinformation you received when you were growing up. Your white guy benefits from your being a Black Cock slut.
Your sex life improves, you're happier, that makes him happier too. Get past the guilt. If your white guy would disapprove of your doing this...then just don't tell him. He has no real need to know.
Why you are wet right now.
Now, slut, WHO are you going to suck off or get fucked by, and WHICH DAY this week will that happen?
Will it be a Black Man at work?
A guy who flirts with you at the gym or the supermarket?
Your teacher or coach in college?
That brotha who owns the gas station?
Maybe you want to suck off a Black Stranger in a city park. How about that interesting looking man in your apartment building, or in the house down the street?
He will always be conveniently available to discreetly lift up the hem of your skirt and push his rigid Big Black Cock into very close to your home! Work out the details right now.
When you have completed your first duty, then tell us about it in an E-mail.
Your E-mail will be kept anonymous and will be used to TEACH other white females about their obligations for interracial fucking.
Girls, you may balk at this conception of your DUTY to suck and fuck Black Men, but we know you are aroused by these thoughts. This article is seared into your imagination because you have never read anything like it before.
Are you wet? If you are, then your pussy is talking to your brain.
Your pussy knows this is truth. Play with your wet pussy. Come back later and re-read this article. Then commit to do your DUTY. This is right and proper.
Do you AGREE with us?
Do you find Black Male, white female interracial sex to be appealing?
Are you a white female seeking to start fucking Black Men?
Are you already a white slut for Black Men?
Are you a Black Pimp's white prostitute?
Are you a white husband seeking to be a cuckold hubby, or to swing with your wife with a Black Stud?
Do you believe or sort of suspect that the right place for bareback Big Black Cock to be is buried deep down the throat, up the ass or in the fertile pussy of a married or single white female?
Are you a Black Stud who understands that the married or single white woman was born to be your suck and fuck slut and to be shared as community pussy with your Black Friends?
Then you NEED to be a member. We need you to join the cause! Interracial sex is the true way to the white female's sexual satisfaction.
Do you know someone who needs to be informed about the truth of interracial fucking?
Then you need to write down the exact URL (address) of this page now and pass it along.
the cell number is no longer a good number... I will give it to you soon.

The Black Cock Agreement for White Females

I, ___Veronica W.________________________________________ agree to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully:
1. I will fuck delicious, beautiful, Black Cocks as often as possible from now on.
2. I will suck white dickies ONLY when it is absolutely necessary, such as for the sake of a relationship or as a reward, but I will try to avoid sucking white dickies whenever possible. When I must suck white dickies, I will not swallow the cum, and will spit it out. I WILL swallow cum from sucking Black Cocks.
3. I will NOT wear panties, except when it is necessary, such as around the time of my period, or when it is ABSOLUTELY essential for another LEGITMATE reason. Such reasons will be very rare. When I do wear panties, they will be very sexy and tiny, such as lacy or very sheer thongs or G-strings
4. I agree that it is an obligation on my part to encourage other white females (“white” includes Asian, Hispanic, etc.) to go Black. This includes any sisters, friends, daughters, women I just met, workmates, schoolmates, etc.
5. I will be nude in my house at all times, unless there is a very good and legitimate reason not to be, such as the presence of others who would vehemently object. To the greatest extent possible, nudism will become my lifestyle at home. I will also be totally nude when in the presence of Black Males at their homes or apartments.
6. I agree that, when sitting while in the presence of Black Males, I will keep my legs spread wide apart to indicate my availability.
7. I will wear the absolute sexiest clothing with which I can get away with, depending on the circumstances. When at work, I will wear the sexiest clothing allowed by my employer, for example. When at a restaurant, out shopping, visiting friends or family, at school or college, at sporting events, going to movies, out clubbing or dancing, etc., I will wear revealing short skirts or dresses. I will rarely wear pants and never wear jeans. When I do wear pants, they MUST be tight and show cameltoe. My normal clothing, however, will be sexy short skirts (or dresses), and sexy, revealing tops.
8. I will keep my cunt cleanly and smoothly shaved at all times (no hair whatsoever), and I will use lotions and powders to help ensure I am always fragrant and fresh.
9. I will use only graphic words such as “fuck” (not “sex” or “making love” ), “cunt” (not “vagina” or “pussy”), “cock” (when describing Black Cocks). White penises should be described as “dicks” or “dickies” or “pee-pees” or “wee-wees,” and other such terms), “asshole” (not "anus" or "butt," such as when saying “Fuck my asshole.”) These are examples only. Such graphic terms should be used at all times rather than the mild terms.
10. If married, I will suck and fuck my husband as little as possible. I will watch INTERRACIAL porn with him, and refuse to watch any porn that contains white dickies fucking white women. I will make every effort to use a black strap-on dildo on his asshole, in an effort to make him submissive to and accepting of my needs.
11. I will keep my body free of any additional blemishes, such as tattoos or other markings, EXCEPT that a tattoo on the lower back (just slightly above the waistline) that says “Black Cocks Only,” or “Black Cock Slut,” is fully acceptable. No tattoo on or near my cunt is acceptable. Piercings of my nipples, and a single piercing of my clit or hood or inner labia is acceptable.
12. Any bikini that I must wear, such as to a party or public pool were total nudity is not permissible, MUST be extremely brief and revealing. Very sheer G-strings are the best.
13. I will do my best to inform other white females of and encourage them to visit the website to read, see the pictures, learn and chat.
14. I will do my best to have other white females sign an agreement similar to this one.
15. I will inform any Black Male I suck or fuck that I have signed this Black Cock Agreement and will present him with a copy on demand.
16. I will suck and fuck Black Males eagerly and will enthusiastically service my partner's Black Friends, school mates or business associates as directed.
17. None of the above indicates that I will engage in any activity that my be illegal in my area.
Signed: ______________________________________ Date: _May 19, 2011______.
To become a Registered Black Cock Slut, also complete this info:
Print Name: __Veronica W.______________________________________________.
Print Street Address: ___________________________________________________.
Print City, State, Zip Code: ______________________________________________.
Cell Phone #:__313 461 8785______________________. Age: _____52__________.
E-mail Address:__TheHuntress159@yahoo.com_____________________________.
To become a Registered Black Cock Slut, enclose a picture of yourself and mail a photocopy of this completed Black Cock Agreement to:
Ixat Corp. Attn: Michael/Editor 160 N. David St. Pahrump, NV 89060
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