Hi Guys:) free from a 8 yr marriage to a drunk:( ..not afraid to say,im a little freak,in bed:blackgrimace:-Im ready to start a new life-style------How much more foreward can i be?!-The irony is,my ex wanted me to induldge,with him as a swinger[never did..because he wanted to limit me to a color[never had a black cock]+a certain size-nothing,over 9-inches-his size[he was somewhat long+really skinny]--not fair!!]-I want to meat my match:devil: am now this adventure...a little scared+timid...but..too,daring,adventurous+horny,to care----so...being as optimistic as out here online...also,,,[]using my free time... to look for my dream-cock dominate this submissive little honey-pot...into submission....r u him!!??-:smoke: