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Lunch Meet Today 2/29/16

So recently a long time friend that we haven't seen in years came to town for the weekend. He and I (hubby) tried to meet up but our schedules didn't work out. He knew that we were looking for a Bull and referred us to a local friend. We contacted him and all of us hit it off right away. This has only been 3 days and via text he has the wife going crazy sexually already. So they schedule a lunch meeting for today to meet face to face and see if the chemistry was really there. Now he and I have texted several times and I like him. I will be at work all day, so she is on her own. She is shy and very particular about meeting without me, she always wants me there on the first meet. But she says there is something different about him and that is why she agreed.

More to cum............hopefully!!!

Well sorry everyone, the BIG hook up didn't happen yesterday. It was a great social meeting, they had each other sexually worked up and frustrated. The wife says he is the perfect man to be her One & Only Black Bull Daddy. Her words speaking now........He is sexy, intelligent, a gentleman, easy going, a great kisser and he turns her on tremendously with just conversation. They decided to move the playtime date to today, it actually works out better for both of them and they will have a lot more time to be together. Yaaaaaaa!

They are meeting at a hotel near our house this morning around 11. From what he is telling me, he will spend the entire day with the wife using her every which way he wants to, then send her home to me. THAT IS FUCKING HOT!!! He is going to be sending me pics and video throughout the day while I'm at work. This is a fantasy come true.

I will update everyone later and hopefully have some pics to share.
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