I had no clue I would be meeting anyone, especially at the hardware store. I was wearing pants, work boots and a cut off T-shirt. This was the week that I planned to spend rebuilding the porch around the house. I was at hardware store picking up the nails, flashing and some miscellaneous tools. As I shut the tailgate of my truck she was walking by. She was gorgeous. The breeze pushed her fragrance toward me. She smelled so sweet, not overpowering simply enticing. I stopped and watched her, smiling to her as she passed by, “Hello.” She flashed a smile, “Hi.” I wondered quietly what it would take to win a woman like that. I climbed into the truck and cranked it up watching her pull away in her little BMW convertible. I knew when I saw that car that a beautiful, sophisticated white woman would not date a Dodge Truck driving black guy. I didn’t know at that moment how wrong I was.

Heading back to the house I came upon an accident that had just happened. You got it, someone had run a stop sign and T-boned her Beamer. I quickly pulled in behind her and put my flashers on. “You okay?” I hollered. She looked a little shaken so I hopped out and ran over to her. She was sitting in the driver’s seat with the door open and her feet on the pavement, “I think so…uh…uh…I need to call the police.” The other driver was dazed and I think he was drunk. I told her to sit still while I called the police. They came rather quickly and not only ticketed the other driver but hauled his drunken self to jail. The wreckers came for the cars and I introduced myself, “I’m sorry for all you’re trouble. I’m Steven Smith. Can I drop you somewhere?”

“Thank you Steven, I’m Carrie Whit. I don’t want to inconvenience you. You’ve been so nice to help me already. I’m sure this wasn’t the way you planned to spend your morning.”

I laughed. “It’s no problem. I’m just glad you weren’t hurt. You tell me where I can drop you,” I smiled.

“Could you drop me at my home?”

“No problem. I hope you don’t mind riding in a truck,” I laughed.

“No, not at all.” I helped her climb into the truck. The hem of her short skirt rode all the way to her crotch as she tried to climb in the truck giving me a view of the most luxurious stocking covered leg and pussy I had ever seen. She slid back against me and laughed a bit. I told her to turn around and face me and kind of hop up and back while I lifted her under her arms into the seat. I put my hands under her arms with her facing me and lifted getting a full feel of her soft full right tit. She smiled as she hopped backward into the seat. I pulled the seatbelt around her and winked, “safety first,” as she settled back into the leather seat. Just the sight and feel of her body against me started a bulge growing in my jeans. When I climbed into the driver’s seat I noticed her eyes fixed on my bulge. She didn’t say anything, she just bit her lip and rolled her lower lip off her upper teeth with a twinkle in her eyes. What a seduction. All I could think to say was, ‘it’s getting’ kinda hot in here, need some air?”

She just ran her tongue lightly and quickly over her lips, “feels good to me.”

Once at her home she asked me in for an iced tea. I couldn’t refuse a cool glass of tea. Being turned on I couldn’t resist another few moments with this stunning creature. I followed her into the kitchen where she made our tea. We chatted and I watched her. As I was standing, leaning against the counter she sauntered over with the tea setting both glasses down on the counter. “I haven’t thanked you properly.” With that she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth with liquid fire. My hands were on her fine, tight white ass. Her hands were already on the top button of my pants with the other on my ass. She deftly unzipped me and dropped to her knees sliding my pants down. My dick bounced under the Jockeys and pushed a huge growth at her lips. She slid her hands up my legs and under the elastic of my Jockeys, pulling them down from the inside. As she pulled them down my fully extended eight inch dick fell to her lips. She moaned, “Oh Steven…hmmm.” She sucked the florid, swollen, golf ball sized dick head into her mouth and rolled her tongue expertly around it, then suddenly she sucked my dick deeply into her mouth and against the back of her throat. I was balls deep in her beautiful mouth. My hands went immediately to her head and I began instinctively pistoning, slowly in and out of her mouth. She sucked and swirled, wetting my dick with each swirl. Her mouth was fiery hot and my knees were shaking more and more. I didn’t know how long I could manage. I blurted out, “I’m gonna cum!!” She sucked even harder and I pistoned even faster and harder. Suddenly I exploded in her mouth, down her throat, till cum bubbles came out her nose…she was moaning and licking me sucking down every drop until she had cleaned me perfectly of all traces of my cum. She stood slowly and I lifted her, both our knees were quivering and wobbly. She smiled and kissed me deeply, pulling back finally, “my God if I had known black men tasted this wonderful I wouldn’t have waited so long.”

I kissed her again, slowly, tasting the remnants of me in her mouth.

She pulled back, taking my hand, “now make love to me.” She led me into her bedroom, with me short-stepping along with a hard dick and pants around my ankles. Once in the bedroom we got naked, quickly. I lifted her into my arms and laid her on the bed, beginning at once to kiss her sweet lips, working my way slowly down her long, swan-like neck to her 38C tits stopping to nourish myself and engorge her nipples. I ring each nipple to their almost half inch length. The aureoles were huge and dark. Here fragrance was like none I’d ever encountered. I kissed down her abdomen to her belly and down to the pubic hair beginning, spreading her thighs as I went. She began moaning and squirming begging me to slow down that she was going to cum. I lifted each of her legs over my shoulders and buried my face in her pussy. She was running pussy juice like a leaky faucet. I wasted none of it as I licked, and suckled and tongued out her beautiful pussy. She bucked furiously against my tongue as she exploded in orgasm and an aroma of pussy engulfed my head and my senses like I had never experienced. Her juices flooded my face and streamed down her ass crack. I followed them with my tongue and found the end on her anus ring. I licked and swabbed her with my tongue using my fingers to manipulate her steaming pussy and clit. She was cumming again and she bucked even harder against my mouth but I rode her down. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH……uhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnhhhhh…oh… God!!!!” She convulsed and rocked and bucked with me riding her face down like the pussy-starved man that I was. Finally she lay back and moaned, “What did you do to me? Oh my God Steven…oh my…”


My dick was hard and I needed to be in this beautiful pussy. I pushed the swollen head against her aching pussy and enraged clit and rubbed it along the slit moving between the lips and up and over the clit. She came alive and raised up on her elbows, “just fuck me Steven…I can’t take it any more…please…” she begged me. I couldn’t either and pushed in the first few inches and she gulped, “all the way…plllleassse…” I satisfied us both and buried me balls deep in that beautiful pussy, driving deeply with each down stroke after withdrawing almost completely out. My rhythm increased and she began ramming her sopping wet pussy at my groin. I felt my dick swelling even more than it had ever grown. I bottomed out in her pussy and I kept pounding away my balls bouncing off her beautiful ass until they began tightening. I knew I was gonna cum big this time and I started to pull out. Carrie locked her legs around me, “no you don’t…fuck me and give me your baby…I am gonna cummmmmmmmm!!!!!” Her words were like electricity firing through my body. We simultaneously, or so it seemed, exploded into one another. My cum fired into her womb with accuracy, spattering her with white hot semen and her pussy convulsed around my rock hard dick, squeezing and milking me dry. We collapsed. In about an hour or so we stirred. I kissed her beautiful lips and face. She smiled, “oh my. Where have you been all of my life?”

I smiled and told her, “Never mind the past, I’m here now.”