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Lucky cuckold in Africa

I'm a white man partially living in Africa and my African GF has been impregnated by an African man who ran away. I was not cucked directly because I went together with my GF after the insemination and she was then early pregnant already. I knew her for a long time and she is a superb gorgeous MILF.
I learnt only recently something about cuckoldry and some aspects - only some aspects excite me.
When I met her after a long time, she told me she was pregnant from an African man and this excited me sexually but also instilled loving feelings in me. We mated and have a great time together, a fulfilled sexual life. She does know nothing about the cuckold fetish in general nor that I share some aspects. But I get aroused that my gorgeous GF has been impregnated by a black man.
I steer her gently into dirty talks and pregnancy talks to make me feel cuckolded also from her side.

I did not make false promises, until now I only promised to support her during the pregnancy until the baby is born. Of course she expects more, especially as I am so closed to her sexually and emotionally.

But I resent also that I am not the father of the baby and I fear that the love to my GF is induced mainly from the cuckold fetish. Also I have feelings of jealousy towards the father, but I am also grateful because he impregnated my GF and made me a cuckold, at least I feel as such.
But as prospective sort of husband and family man I feel scared and it is very difficult for me to
accept paternity and the subsequent obligations. Especially a probable intrusion of the biological father into my family life would be very conflictive.

But until now my GF and me are going well and are optimistic. Since many things are imprevisible in Africa it is not worth to bother a lot in advance then many times a solution comes at a sudden.

To the end a good news for the cuckolds. Many young women know already that my GF is pregnant from an African father and she has an European boyfriend that knows of it. They are all over me, but I promised to my GF and said it in public: I'm strictly monogamous, which drives them crazy. At least for the single mothers I am a hero and also for many other woman who fear an unwanted pregnancy.