Loyal Wives of B2W.....just a Thank You!

I've read quite a few threads on here about the lifestyle and love some of the posts some of the wives have contributed here. I really dislike the wimp stuff and reading about wives leaving their husbands for their lover, etc. Why bother with this lifestyle if that tends to be the end result?
Anyways, some of the wives seem to really love their husbands here and mention that they will only play when their husbands are present. I've read some that say if a Bull ever disrespects their husband, or breaks some rules - no matter how good the sex is - they will move on to the next one. These same wives also seem to get as much of thrill being watched by their husband as they do having interracial sex.
Just wanted to give a shout out to the loyal wives here that love the thrill/taboo of being in the interracial lifestyle, but your Husband still comes first!!!!!!!You gals are awesome!