Love bites/hickey

Yes! Such a turn on to see those for the next few days. Husband loves the ones on my breasts and thighs but I get the biggest kick out of my girlfriends noticing the ones on my neck.
I love to mark my territory. leaving huge love bites on her shoulder and her neck her titts her ass. right above her clit i just make sure she knows that she has been branded
I would love to have some on me, not on neck to be seen by everyone, but on tits and stuff would be fun. Maybe on neck if wanted to be risky for hubby and tease. Sounds like something I will have to try.
Absolutely sexy. I would love to see them on my wife's breasts, along her pussy, on her thigh and maybe possibly on her neck. I think it would just be a very nice indicator of how well "used" she had been and how much he was able to "own her" for the moment that he had her.