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Lost one to BBC

This is an actual story about an ex. I always fantasized about her picking up a black guy and sometimes she would talk about it during sex just because she knew it got me off. Well one day I mentioned to her we should hit a bar that has a high population of black guys in it. She likes to go drinking so she had no problem going with me. Well I'm not much of a dancer and she enjoys it so I told her to go dance. It only took 5 minutes before she had a black guy trying to grind her and I can tell she felt a little uncomfortable because she kept looking over at me. Well in between songs she came over to me to grab a drink and I asked her how was the dancefloor. She said the guy dancing with her was pushing into her as they danced and she said she could feel his bulge against her. I asked if it bothered her and she said it was hot to know that she was turning him on. She continued to dance the whole night and he usually approached her once she was on the dancefloor. By the time last call came we were tipsy and she wanted to use the bathroom before we left. I noticed he pulled her aside as she was walking to the bathroom and was talking to her. After she walked away from him and hit the bathroom, she texted me saying he asked her if he could drive her home. I responded saying I'll head home and I'll see her there. I left and headed to her apartment. Once I got there I received a text saying she's stopping at his place for a drink. That was at 2am, I sat there waiting and tried texting her a few times but no response. Well I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 4. I woke up at almost 9 to her walking thru the front door. Naturally I asked her where she was. She said she got to his place and he and his roomate drank with her and ended up getting in bed with the two of them. She told me they had some wild times and they both shared her all morning. At one point they had her filled with cum at both ends. She told me they didn't sleep so she's heading upstairs to bed. I asked if I can come have my turn and she said she's wiped out, maybe tonight. Well two weeks after that we ended up breaking up, I think he or they pressured her to leave me so they could have her. I haven't seen her since and I'm betting she is now a BBC slut. Now I'm married to someone and would love to have her go black but wonder if she'll end up hooked on black too.