Los Angeles BBC-seekers Look No Further

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Right now you're sitting at your desk and staring at your computer monitor with a hungry look in your eyes. You want big black cock, and you want it badly.

Your left hand is scrolling down page after page of of messages, and your right hand is tucked into the front of your panties where your fingers are gently massaging your pussy lips.

Picture after picture of chiseled black bodies and hard black cocks have turned your cunt into a frothy mess. The wet spot in seat of your underwear is getting bigger and bigger.

You'd like nothing better than to have your creamy white thighs splattered with cum from a stiff black rod. As you slide one, then two, and finally three fingers into your slit you close your eyes and imagine that it's a fat ebony cock sliding into you instead.

Your left hand--the one you were using to scroll with--isn't on your trackpad any longer. It's creeping down the back of your panties, and its middle finger is worming its way into your asshole.

Your slick pussy cream is dripping down your taint and onto your anus. You use it to lube up your asshole and force your middle finger deep inside. You're finger fucking yourself in both ends now, and you're quickening the pace and increasing the intensity.

You're not even sitting in your chair any longer. You're straddling it so that you can pump your holes as hard and fast as possible.

You feel pressure building deep inside your cunt; it spreads to your lips; and finally it concentrates in your clitoris. It's unbearable. You keep pumping your pussy and ass with your fingers anyway.

You let out a deep howl at the moment of climax. Your pussy spasms and gushes along the inside of your thighs as you cum. Your asshole contracts hard around your middle finger, then it unclenches and you pull it out. You take all four filthy fingers from both hands and shove them into your mouth and suck them clean as you collapse back into your seat.

Next time, you promise yourself, it'll be the real thing. Thick black dick in both ends.
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