Los Angeles based attentive wannabe Cuck looking for friends

Hi everyone. Looking to make friends and potentially find a woman to date who loves this lifestyle. Also open to serving a couple who don't have a cuckold in the mix but would like an attentive and submissive friend.

A few things about myself:
1. As you might have guessed I have a tiny cock. 4.5 inches when hard.
2. I am very attracted to women who love cock and find Alpha males sexy. Size queens are the best! Jealousy and humiliation are powerful aphrodisiacs. I have always wanted to find a woman who holds the perfect balance between loving and cruel.
3. I date a lot - yes, despite the tiny cock - and love swinging. I have yet to find a relationship where I can combine items 1. and 2.
4. As I have posted, I do not enjoy giving head to men. Oddly I find myself fantasizing about it. Especially when a woman or women are watching. With the proper training I think maybe I could learn to enjoy it. Women and couples with an interest in this kind of social reinforcement please say hi.
5. I have always felt that some aspects of feminization should be a part of a submissive, cuckold relationship. Doesn't have to be crazy but they seem to be related.
6. I hang out with an older Interracial couple from time to time. They are amazing and we have an incredible time. I would love to bring around women or other cuckold couples to play with him (and her) if anyone has an interest. They live up to the intrigue I promise.

If there is more I should post or if you have any questions, please let me know.

I am always happy to pay respects to Alphas on this site and women who are here for them. Please post or contact me. I will reply to any communications in a respectful and, I hope, entertaining manner. ;)

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