Lori's Dark Longings Part Two

A few years back I read a hot story on Literotica by Gaylord60 entitled Lori's Dark Longings. But since poor Lori never got to satisfy her longings I decided to finish the story while trying to match the author's style. Hope you enjoy...
Lori’s Dark Longings II:

The following week I found an excuse to visit the campus Maintenance building and found Willy in his shop changing into his uniform. He smiled when he saw me and continued to undress, quickly baring his huge Black member.

“So what’s up Prof? Your sweet little Lori still asking about me? I been thinking ‘bout her a lot since we talked last week. An my boy here gits real hard when I think about her”

“To be honest Willy we were just talking about you last night. Lori was telling me how much she’d like to dance with you again someday. Whatever you did to her on New Years made quite an impression.”

“You know what made the impression Prof, he said while lewdly pointing down at his enormas member, “She be wantin to feel Big Willy agin. Why don’t you two stop by my club on Saturday night and we can dance some. An she can meet my buddies” As he spoke his cock started to swell up and I couldn’t believe how big it got when it was hard.

“That sounds interesting but I don’t think she’d go for it. She’s awfully shy, especially around strangers”

“Well then how bout you invite my ass over to your place. I’ll bring some Barry White CD’s and we can get down to it!”

“That might work. She does want to dance with you again and I’m sure she’d be more comfortable at home. I’ll ask her about it tonight and see if we can get a sitter.”

“You do that Prof. An you tell sweet Lori to dress up real sexy for ole Willy. Tell her to wear sumthin that shows off them sexy legs of hers.”

“I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that Willy. All of her dresses are pretty conservative. But I’ll tell her what you said. Let’s talk again tomorrow”

That night I waited until Lori had put our daughter to bed to tell her about my chat with Willy, “I talked to Willy again today honey”

I saw her face flush slightly in the mirror but she casually replied “That’s nice dear. What did you talk about?”

“You of course my sweet. Willy always asks about you. To be honest, I think he has a crush on you. Ever since he stole that dance at the party.”

“You’re just being silly. We only met that one time. What did he say about me?” She was still acting like she didn’t care but she had already stripped naked and slid into bed next to me. When she reached over to rub my cock it was already rock hard.

“He wants to dance with you again, sooner rather than later. He even invited us to come to his private club on Saturday. To dance and show you off to his buddies.”

“What? A married woman like me dancing in some seedy bar with a bunch of hot, sweaty Black men. I don’t think so!” She said this sharply as if offended by his suggestion but she rubbed her bare butt against my hip in obvious invitation.

I rolled onto my side and slid my cock into her tight pussy, which was already soaking wet from our teasing conversation about Willy. I gently fucked her for a moment before saying ”I told Willy a nice girl like you could never hang out in a Black private club. So he asked if he could come over Saturday night for a private dance party. Lori, would you like to have a nice private dance with Willy in our living room?”

Lori didn’t answer for a minute but I felt her snug pussy squeeze my cock and felt her slim hips working back against me a little harder and a little faster.

” I can’t believe he would just invite himself over. How rude!” her voice sounding husky and excited, “But would you mind if I danced with him again honey? Last time he was very pushy and demanding. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll just have his way with me?”

“I’d love to see you dance with Willy dear, especially in the privacy of our home. But I don’t think I could stop him if he tried something. He’s awfully big and strong!

“Of course, it’s only a dance” she said softly as her excitement grew, “You’re right, he is awfully big and strong. When we danced I was glad we were out in public. There’s no way I could have resisted his advances in private. But I’m sure he’ll be a gentleman…“

“And one more thing. Willy wants you to wear something sexy, something that shows off your sexy legs. Would you do that for Willy?”

“Yes” she gasped out, “I could do that, for Willy. Maybe I could wear that pleated black cocktail dress you bought for me on vacation last year” Yes! She finally used his name and I knew I was getting to her

“That’s a nice dress but it’s not really very short. Maybe you could take up the hem, for Willy that is.”

“Maybe, but how short should I make it? I don’t want to give him any ideas…”

“No of course not, but I’d say mid thigh would be nice. Just for Willy.”

“Did he really say I have sexy legs?

“Did who say you have sexy legs?” I teased her, wanting to hear his name on her lips.

She looked back at me with this sexy smile and said “Did Willy really say I have sexy legs honey? Did Willy’s cock get hard when you talked about me?”

“Yes dear, Willy’s cock got hard just from talking about you. I couldn’t believe how big it got. It got even bigger than your vibrator and he said it’s all for you.”

She gasped out loud and said “Oh my god, what if Willy tries to use it on me. Will you stop him honey?”

“I told you already babe, I don’t think I could stop Willy. ”

“Oh shit honey, I felt it when he made me dance. It is really huge! Do you think Willy will get hard again when we dance?”

“I’m afraid so dear. And once he’s hard he’ll probably want to use it on you. He may just whip it out and fuck you with it. Would you like to fuck Willy ?

Lori tried to answer but all that came out was a stream of grunts and ‘Fuck Willy’ as a powerful orgasm racked her petite body.

“Hey Prof! I was hoping to see ya today. What did sweet lil Lori say about me stopping by Saturday for a little dance party? “

“She said she’d love to have your company. Around 7:00 if that’s OK with you?”

“Shit yeah! I knew she was hot for ole Black Willy! Is she gonna wear sumthin nice and sexy for me?”

“Yes, she has a beautiful black silk dress. And she’s even going to shorten it so she can show some leg like you asked. We’re both really looking forward to your visit. I haven’t seen her this excited in years…”

When I got home that night Lori was her usual prim and proper self so I held off on talking about Willy. She made a passing remark over dinner about our daughter spending Saturday night with her Mom and my excitement grew. I was in the den reading when she put our daughter to bed and poked her head into the room. “Honey, give me a few minutes and come upstairs. I’ve got something to show you” she said in her usual cultured voice but I thought I noticed a twinkle of lust in her eye.

I set aside my book and poured us each a glass of wine before heading up to the bedroom. As I walked into the room I was greeted with an incredible site. My prim and proper wife was standing there in her black silk dress but she had taken the hem up from her knees to the top of her shapely thighs and she looked incredibly sexy. She did a little twirl for me and the flared skirt rose up in back to give me just a glimpse of black thong and smooth white butt. I couldn’t believe how short she had made the dress, knowing that she would be wearing it around Willy, the randy Black janitor.

“What do think honey? Is it short enough for Willy? Am I showing enough leg for him?”

“Oh my god, Willy’s gonna go nuts. You look so fucking sexy. “

Lori turned and bent over to turn on the CD player on the nightstand and Barry White’s mellow voice came out of the speakers. As the hem of her dress drifted up I could see her entire shapely thigh and the bottom half of her lucious round butt. She turned back to me, took her wine glass from my hand and clinked the glasses together saying “I feel like such a hussy in this dress. But I’m wearing it for you dear. And for Willy…”

We each took a sip of wine and then I placed both glasses on the nightstand and offered her my hand saying “May I have this dance my lady”

Lori gave a cute little curtsy and said “Of course dear sir”

I took her in my arms and held her tight as we slowly danced in a circle to the soft R&B music. Her silky light brown hair fell down her back and I ran my hand thru it, gently tugging on it and forcing her head back a little. She pressed her firm belly against my crotch and let out a soft whimper “Please don’t make me…” I gave her upturned lips a long sensuous kiss and she eagerly responded by gently sucking on my tongue. Breaking the kiss I ran my hands down her back and cupped her firm asscheeks, pulling her tight against my hardon. My hands moved a little lower and I felt the smooth skin at the the back of her thighs below the dress. I ran my hands along the outside of her thighs and then the back and then moved up to squeeze her smooth bare asscheeks. My hands pulled the hem of her dress up and I felt her press harder against my aching hardon.

“You are the sexiest woman in the world! I can’t believe how short you made the dress. Willy’s gonna love it”

“I feel like such a slut wearing it. I can’t wait to see Willy’s reaction. And to feel his reaction when we dance”

“He’ll react allright. But what if he does this” I asked as I roughly squeezed her ass.

“How could I stop him? He’s so much bigger than me” she teased back.

“And what if he does this” I said while running one hand up to pinch and squeeze her firm C cup breasts. She gasped out loud and said “He’s too strong for me to stop him.”

“ And what if Willy does this “I added while pushing down on her shoulders. Lori immediately got the idea and sank to her knees before me saying”Oh Willy, please don’t make me suck your big Black cock!”

I fumbled with my pants and took out my throbbing erection. Lori looked up at me with a pleading look in her big blue eyes and whispered “No Willy, don’t make me suck your Black cock. I’m a married woman!”

Wrapping one hand in her silky locks I pulled her face to my cock and she eagerly began to suck on it like a woman possessed. In no time I shot a hot load into her mouth and she hungily swallowed every drop.

When the doorbell rang at 6:45 Saturday night my heart raced and all of the blood seemed to go directly to my cock. Lori stood nervously by my side looking stunning in her short black dress and matching heels with only a tiny black thong under her dress. With her silky brown hair pulled back in a ponytail she looked closer to 20 than 40 and I couldn’t wait to see Willy’s reaction to her youthful beauty.

I opened the door and Willy immediately stepped into the house without waiting for an invite. I saw a look of pure lust on his face as he got his first look at Lori in her sexy dress. Willy handed me a few CD’s, opened his muscular arms wide and said “Hello Lori, you look fucking hot babygirl! Come give Willy a kiss,”

Lori cringed at his lewd greeting and glanced nervously at me before stepping up close to Willy. I was struck by the contrast between them. He was close to a foot taller, probably three times her weight and his dark skin made her lightly tanned skin look pale by contrast. He wrapped his thick arms around her and planted a wet kiss directly on her pouty lips. She accepted the kiss for a moment and then demurely turned her face aside saying “Welcome Willy, how nice to see you again”

Willy finally let her go and I couldn’t help but notice his hand briefly touching her firm butt as she stepped away from him. He was wearing an old pair of dress slacks that fit sorta tight and the huge bulge at his crotch was rather obvious. He also had on a loose fitting Hawaian type shirt and a pair of worn loafers.

I walked next to Willy as we followed Lori into the living room and we enjoyed the view of her firm muscular legs poking out from her obsenely short dress. The dress clung to her body revealing the shape of her well rounded butt and slender waist.

I could see that Lori was quite nervous and had slipped into her gracious hostess mode to hide her nerves, “Willy, please have a seat on the couch. And honey, why don’t you pour us some wine while I put Willy’s CD’s into the changer.”

I had left a bottle and some glasses on the end table so I stood next to Willy and poured three glasses full while Lori loaded the CD’s into the stereo. When she bent over she kept her knees straight and her tiny dress rode up to expose the back of her smooth bare thighs and the very bottom of her tight little butt. Willy let out a soft groan and looked up at me with this evil grin on his dark face and whispered lewdly “Nice Prof, we gonna have us some fun tonight.”

As the music started playing Lori took a glass from me and held it up saying “Thanks for joining us Willy. Here’s to good friends and good times” Willy didn’t bother to stand and just touched his glass to hers at the same time I did. His eyes devoured her and he looked like a starving man staring at a freshly cooked steak.

Lori was about to sit down in a chair opposite the couch when Willy took a big gulp of wine and stood up. He turned to me with this big grin and said “Hey Prof, we been talking bout this for awhile now. I’m gonna dance wit this sexy little wife of yours. You sit back and enjoy the show”

Lori stood before him looking scared and nervous with this deer in the headlights look on her pretty face. We had talked and teased about her dancing with Willy and maybe more but now that he was here she looked like she was having second thoughts.

Willy waved a finger in her direction and said softly “Come here baby, don’t be scared. Willy’s gonna take real good care of you tonight.”

Lori stepped up to him and he placed his beefy hands on her slender hips saying “Put your arms around my neck babygirl and lets get it on”

Lori did as he asked and he pulled her tight against his body, the bulge of his cock pressed against her firm flat belly. As they started to sway to the music Lori pressed her face against his chest and looked over at me with a submissive look on her face that I had never seen before. Finally I was watching her dance with Willy and my cock was ready to burst out of my pants.

Willy placed one hand on her lower back, holding her close, while the other toyed with her silky golden brown hair. He leaned down and gently nuzzeled her neck and bare shoulder. His hand traced it’s way down her back and moved onto the top of her butt. Lori’s eyes had been partly closed as if in a trance but they opened wide when he started to squeeze her butt thru the silky material of the dress. As he slowly rubbed her ass her dress started to ride up and I realized that he was doing it on purpose, working the material up and trying to bare her ass. I watched spellbound as her cheeks slowly came into view and his dark hand slipped down to grab her married white ass.

When Lori made no protest he started to squeeze hard and run his hand along the top of her muscular thighs. Lori had this panicky look on her face again and when the song ended she pushed against his chest saying “Thanks for the dance Willy. I’d like a little more wine. Please!”

Willy chuckled and said “Sure Baby, have some more wine and relax. Ole Willy’s just getting started.”

I poured us all another glass and Willy pulled Lori down onto the couch next to him. His arm around her shoulder, he started to play with the top button on her dress and said “Damn, it’s getting hot in here. Lemme loosen this dress a little for ya baby. Yous lookin all hot and flustered like.” Lori just sipped her wine while he deftly unbuttoned the top 3 buttons exposing her creamy breasts nearly to the nipples. The he sat up in the couch and unbuttoned his shirt saying “Hey Prof, gimme a hand here. Take off this damn shirt and hang it up somewhere for me.”

His comment sounded more like an order than a request and without thinking I stepped behind the couch and pulled off his sweaty shirt. As I hung it on the back of a chair he leaned back and said “Thanks Prof, and take off my shoes too man. I likes dancing barefoot.” I looked to Lori who had an amused smirk on her face and when I hesitated Willy snapped “C’mon man, I ain’t got all night. “

Feeling like a fool but not wanting to ruin the mood I knelt before him and quickly took off both shoes and socks. Lori actually giggled as I did this and my face flushed with shame and excitement.

Standing up Willy pulled Lori up and started dancing again, Lori’s face pressed against his bare Black chest. One hand returned to her butt and the other moved up to her chest, slipping into her dress and squeezing her firm swollen nipples. Lori gasped when he first touched her breast and tried to pull away but he held her tight saying "It’s cool babygirl, we's just dancing, that’s all.” Lori relaxed again in his arms and her breathing increased as her passion rose to a fever pitch.

Sensing her acceptance of his hands on her breasts he turned her around and began humping against her butt from behind while continuing to dance. His hands rose to cup both of her breats and I watched as he squezzed her soft flesh and pinched her large pointy nipples. I've always been very gentle with her breasts but he was very rough with them and from the sexy look on her face she seemed to love it. His knee rested between her thighs and I could see her grinding back against it.

“Damn Prof, Lori’s looking kinda heated up too, Why don you unzip that sexy little dress and help her out of it”

“Lori, you OK with that?” I asked but Willy snapped “I ain’t asking dude, I’m telling. “

I stepped up to them and Lori turned away as if ashamed to look me in the face. I slowly unzipped the back of her dress and slipped it down off her shoulders causing it to fall down around her ankles. I knelt and helped her step out of it while Willy continued to sway to the music and rub against her now bare hips. “And while you’re down there Prof, how bout taking care of my pants too. I be getting real hot down there from dancing with your woman. It’s time she sees what shes been rubbing against.

From my position I could see the grotesque bulge at his crotch and I wondered if it was a smart thing to let him anywhere near my sexy wife with it. But my lust overcame my common sense and I quickly unsnapped his pants, pulled down his zipper and pulled his pants down over his thick waist. With no underwear to hold it back his huge Black cock popped out and Lori actually gasped at the sight of it. As he stepped out of his pants I pulled them away and tossed them on the chair by his shirt.

Before I could stand up Willy put his hand on Lori’s slim shoulder and forced her to her knees next to me just as I had done the day during our role play the day before.

His cock was incredibly huge: close to a foot long, extremely thick and sporting a fat swollen crown covered by a thick wrinkled foreskin. Grabbing ahold of Lori’s ponytail he pulled her face to his crotch saying “Cmon Lori, suck it. Suck my big Black black man dick. You know you been wantin it ever since our first dance together. “

I couldn’t believe it when my straight laced wife said “Oh fuck!” and grabbed his cock in her tiny hand. She pulled back the foreskin, exposing the fat swollen tip and gave it a long wet kiss using her tongue and lips to worship it. Willy put his beefy Black hand behind her head and said lewdly “Open wide Lori and suck that Black cock.” Lori’s lips opened wide and Willy slid his fat cockhead and an inch or two of cock slid inside her mouth. Lori whimpered low in her throat and eagerly sucked his fat schlong while he guided her head back and forth. There was no way she could swallow all of his cock but with her mouth working the first half and her hand working the bottom half his cock was soon all wet and slippery from her saliva and his precum. Willy put his hands on his hips like a proud African King as Lori continued to worship his huge Black cock.

“Yo Prof, your sweet little wifey sure knows how to suck black man cock. You sure she ain’t never done this before. Lori babe, play with my balls. Milk them scum bags hard bitch”

In response to his lewd command she brought her other hand up to firmly squeeze his large balls which brought another lewd comment form Willy “Yeah Lori, work them Black balls. Get me all hard and ready to fuck that sweet white pussy of yours”

His comment only spurred her on and she sucked his cock even harder, her head bobbing up and down as she worshipped his BBC. After a few minutes of this she let his cock slip from her mouth and as she caught her breath she lewdly rubbed it against her face.

“Please” she murmured, her head bowed in submission.
“Please what sweet cheeks? Tell ol Willy what ya want.”

“Please don’t make me beg. “

“Tell me what you want bitch. And look me in the eye when your talking to me”

Lori glanced over my way for a minute as if seeking permission and all I could do was nod my head. Then she looked back up at Willy “Please fuck me Willy! Ever since our first dance I’ve wanted you. Please fuck me with your big Black dick. I’ll do anything, just fuck me!”

Willy laughed at her pleading and looked over at me with this mocking grin on his face. “Stand up Lori babe” he said and Lori hopped to her feet and stood before him staring at his throbbing Black cock. He leaned down and whispered something to her and she eagerly nodded her head. Turning to face me but unable to look me in the eyes she said “Honey, please take off my panties so Willy can fuck me. Please honey!”

I couldn’t believe how submissive she had become and Willy had barely touched her. Caught up in the bizarre scene we were playing out I knelt behind her and slowly slid her skimpy thongs over her slender hips and down her beautiful legs. As she carefully stepped out of them I realized that the last barrier had been crossed and her tight pink pussy was Willy’s for the taking.

‘While yer down there Prof, why don’t you kiss your wifes ass goodbye. Once we get to fucking she’s gonna be my bitch for awhile” Unable to respond to his lewd comment I gave each of her perfectly shaped cheeks a quick kiss and stood up.

Willy leaned down and actually picked Lori up with an arm behind her knees and one behind her back and carried her over to our plush highbacked sofa. He set her down on her back on the with her ass just hanging off the edge and knelt down in front of her. I watched breathless as he rubbed the swollen knob of his cock along her moist pussy lips a few times and then heard her gasp as the head slipped between her swollen pussy lips. Willy slowly worked his cock in until she had taken about half of it and then slowly pulled all the way out. Then he jammed half of it in her with one firm lunge and Lori whimpered out ‘Oh my god!”. Willy slowly stroked into her driving his cock deeper and deeper and really stretching poor Lori’s tight little cunt.

Then it started. “Oh Willy, it feels so big. Please be gentle”

“Yes. Willy! That feels so good”

“ Willy it hurts! Go easy”

“Willy, fuck me harder. Give me more”

:Oh fuck Willy, it hurts. But I love it!