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  1. hello everyone im a 25 year old small town white boy...im in a cuckold long distance relationship where my girlfriend fucks black guys on the side...i have always loved interracial porn since i was younger...love the look of a big black cock fucking a sexy white woman. I love to be degraded and told how much better black cock is than my own. I'm willing to do anything and would love to make friends on here.
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    Well... Let me tell you that your little white dick could never match up to a black master! They are SO big!
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    fake and gay ..Im black and only 4 inches when its hard and bisexual too I would love to suck huge white r lattina guys :wub:
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    And they said this wasnt a contact sport! Lol....
  5. jeff82 why are you always so negative....im not fake...and ur always talking about how ur cock is only 4 inches...everyone thats on this site knows that u only are 4 inches because you have said it 10 million times...pretty sure the people on here want BIG black cocks....and im just a faithful cuck willing to serve