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    Hello.....I'm a attractive well hung ( 9 inches when fully hard )black man 35
    years old who live in Alabama.
    I totally love cuckolding southern white husbands and love sexually satisfying
    their white wives while the husbands watch and jack-off.
    Would you like to watch your sweet southern white wife on her white knees
    kissing, licking and sucking my BIG HARD BLACK DICK AND MY CUM FILLED BALLS.
    then watch me get your sweet wife on the bed and deep fuck her juicy married
    white pussy really good
    E-mail me and lets talk about your sweet southern white wife
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    woooww this is real
  3. bucky20

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    Are you ever in Miami? My Cuban wife would eat you up.

    HAILY SUCKS New Member

    Fuck my wife, I want to show that cock my tonsils.
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    i want to lick
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    Very nice...yum
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    J-H-C GERARD from Alabama, Giant black cocked Black MAN how can we can compete - the answer is naturally staring us in the face I guess!(
  8. CuckCpl4BBC

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    MMMMM....thick, black and uncut...the trifecta....except I am in Chicago.
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    I would worship and serve you Sir. Your black cock would never be lonley and your balls would always be empty...... ; )
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  10. wowowowo niiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. BillyK

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    Fuck my GF

    Love to have my GF J.R. have you for her first Black experience.:)
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    please photo in erection,yessssss y want this cock!!!
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    We may be traveling to Fl and would want to visit you so my black cock slut can drain your cock for you......please email us at kinkycouple9@excite.com....you could use any of her holes (see albums)
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    would love to ride you till you cum deep in my pussy :rolleyes:
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    It is our duty to serve you as a black man sir. Our white females are yours for the taking and I am sure that you, as a black man would place us off limits to the white pussy. If so we understand because the black mans dick gets top priority and your cum goes where ever you say it goes. Actually I would feel privileged to hear a black man say that he wants to watch me lick his black cum out of a white pussy.
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    hell man ive never seen a cock hang like that , my wife would love it pushed in her pussy bare back . its a shame you live in the us as i live in the uk .my wife loves really thick cock and a big head , how big is yours when hard ? if you wont to talk email me at templar_1@hotmail.co.uk
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    great comments!!! WE may come to FL...pls give my wife the priveledge of draining our balls dry...you are a black god........her uterus is yours for the taking....she would be open to you breeding her....she only wants superior black bbc cum in her...let us knoW!!!
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    What an absolutely magnificent cock you've got. It would be an honour to suck and wank it til hard so you could then fuck my wife and deposit a full load of your sperm into her.
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    Wow, That's what I'm talking about.
  20. Tracyr718

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    Very nice. I need one like this!