Looking to be Verified


Real Person
Hello, this is my first time posting. I have been on this site for a while though. It seems that the only way for people to take you seriously is to be verified, and I guess this being the internet, "right-click + save + post" is far too easy for most.

I guess I should also introduce myself a bit here as well. I am a college student, enrolled at a local university seeking a double major. I find myself very busy between school work, studying for admittance into grad school, and wearing out my energetic dog. Unfortunately, that leaves me little time to socialize with peers during the day... Anyway, I am a wannabe-cuck (ex girlfriend helped me uncover this side to me, but did not wish to pursue it). If any 20 - 32 white females are looking for a young, handsome cuck in the North Carolina area, I am your man :)