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Looking to be cucked...

have a huge fantasy of being cuckolded by a sexy white girl who's only sexual intention is to go black... She has me in chastity with the key round her ankle, is happy to humiliate me and make me worship her finally cleaning her when all is said and done... No idea where to go with this though or to experiment online...


Sweet & Cordial
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... No idea where to go with this though or to experiment online...
lee, this subject has come up more than a few times in the forum, here. There's really no where to go with it IF you're not willing or able to build a relationship with a female first. Why would a woman, who's only interested in a sexual relationship with black men, have any interest in you IF you, yourself, are not a black man?

So the only 2 options really are: either establish a relationship with a female first, then allow her an open-end sexual arrangement to pursue other lovers, OR, become a sugar-daddy to a woman with that arrangement up front. Either way, you're probably never going to have a sexual relationship, yourself, with such females. So, are you agreeing to go celebrant for the rest of your life? Seriously? Mac