Looking for some help

Hey ..i live in Greece om the Island og Crete ..i am not greek ..i have been living here for about 15 years ..and i am from the Nordic part og europa ...My problem is that i have a Lust and dream for sucking one or more Big Black Cocks .and i want them to cum in my mouth and over my race (and if they are nice and gentle maybe more fun stuff) ...om Crete we have from time to time slot og US navy/soldiers and i see a lot og them around ....but how to ret in touch with them i dont no..it will proberly not work if i just aproace them and say ...do you mind if i suck your cock rigth now.....so what can i do to get in touch with them ...I have tryed to Lake some online add's om US home page but its not working for people living in EU and dont have US FON No ...Anyone in her have any idea og how to help med out ....and Lake my dreams cum thru ...i dont café about age ør any other thinks ...Just øje request and that is the Cock MUST be BIG and that means min. 8 inches ...i will also be happy to plat with a white Cock this Size ....But i prefer BLack Cocks ....If anyone nows how to help please let med now (i will do anything for tour help Even Swallow ). Thanks in advance