looking for some Freaky, hung, FREAKS!!!

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  1. Wannabe stag-cuck/couple exploring the idea of making this fantasy a reality! Although this is representing of a sexually adventurous couple, I (wannabe cuck) am posting for purely self indulgent reasons. While I wait as my girlfriend cautiously approaches the subject I explore different blogs, communities, web sites, photo shares, personals, porn, anything I can find that will assist in creating a more realistic fantasy that evokes a more genuine emotional response from me, I'm missing the human element. This isn't just an exercise in masturbatory self indulgence attempting to achieve some sort of satisfaction, but a tactic to break through what remaining hang-ups she has. I set it up so she can...she WILL " walk in" and "catch me" jerking off to IR porn while chatting with, but mainly taunted by (her potential) a super hung bull. My embarrassment will give her a sense of power and control where she feels comfortable letting go and participating with me...she does GET OFF on what/why I'm getting off (its all about her). Also, per her wish's, she wants to be secure knowing I'll be able to handle this before we move forward.
    I/We are looking for some real freaky freaks who are into...that is, someone fun and open minded who really understands what it is to be erotic and the nature of eroticism. You're confident in your sexuality, aren't pushy, judgmental and are patient.
    We have only one shot at making this happen. Trust me, I know her better than she knows herself. I have smoothed over her initial (bad) reaction and negative attitudes toward this, we're in the home stretch. IF I am able see my plan to fruition, we ALL will have a mind blowing sexual experience that won't soon be forgot! The pay-off is well worth the time and effort!!!
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    Please stay true ! It's going to happen
  3. well...I could use some help in the meantime
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