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  1. MasterOfAnimals

    MasterOfAnimals New Member

    I am looking for a online female that wants her sissy huband or partner to be humiliated with my help. You will be taught how to please me, and make him watch knowing that he cannot do anything without my say so. Over time and if you are comfortable with it, you will also have contact with real man in real life. With you husband watching, or being made to wait at home and only get the details that I allow you to give.

    I am also looking for a online sissy male that wants to be humiliated with or without his partner knowledge. You will want to be humiliated, abused and used for my own pleasure. You will also be ordered to complete tasks with your partner/wife as required and provide me with whatever evidence. I will expect full access to your computer through teamviewer and your only concern will be to please me how ever you can. It could be making you wear your wife's panties all day under your clothes, making you complete sexual acts with her and taking pictures/videos for me to watch later on and more. The only limiation will be what I can think of at the time that will please me.

    IF you are interested in either area please contact me through personal messenger or else at kneelatmyfeetpet@yahoo.com and tell me more about yourself, and what you are offering me. I will only take you on if I feel that you can please me, and also if I can get a lot of amusement from the sissy boy.

    This relationship depending on what requirements can happen only in your own home, or also your own home and outside in public. Over time as I get to know you better and what you are willing to do I will set more and more difficult tasks and pushing your limits. This can included making you play with yourself when I want, for how long and even making you cum by staying really horny for days on hand. Sexual acts with others, flashing, extreme objects in the holes, being late for appointments on purpose and even more. The list is endless. Because each person is different it can be hard to find what might and might not work on you. But whatever I do with you, if I take you on will give me a lot of pleasure if it does not you.
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  2. sissycuckboy

    sissycuckboy New Member

    Hello Master,
    I am a pretty sissy crossdressing husband and need to be exposed in front of my sexy wife Lizzy,
    then you can fuck her as much as you want...
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