Looking for sex no cyber in the NYC area Real Meets Only Please

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Real Person
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my name is Jazz. I am looking for that average, conservative couple or single female in public who likes to let their inhibitions go in private. couples or single females who is sexually open and adventurous and wants to bring a straight guy (me) into their bedroom.
I seek those who are into the swinger lifestyle down to earth, possesses intelligence and a great sense of humor,
My stats 6 ft , 210 pounds, hazel eyes, clean cut, & respectful. I don’t smoke or drink and I don’t use any type of drugs
Before you go any further than here.
This is what I am Not interested in. .........I AM NOT INTERESTED IN Gay or Bi Sexual men, Woman Older than my mother, Woman older than my grand mother, , BBW's,. Guys wanting there wife seduced with out her knowledge. children, Kid porn, & creeps
I am not looking to meet for drinks I am not looking for love this is not E Harmony

1)I am looking for a real Meeting only
2)I am not looking for cyber sex
2)I will not deal with photo Collectors or guys acting as woman

Listen up !!!!!!!!!! This is how i avoid you Bullshiters
I understand there are allot of creeps out there so giving your phone number to someone of the internet can be a bit scary. So I am here to educate those who lack this information.

With so much technology in today's world you have no excuse to not be able to voice verify with anyone

If you dont want to give people your phone number thats fine but there are other options out there
get a free number from Google voice and you can talk to people threw your cell or computer and you can block people if you no longer want to talk to them
how go to www.google.com/voice
also there is yahoo messenger, web cams ,and microphones on all of your laptops
and Google chat
So if you cant voice verify you will be labled a homo collecting photos bottom line
You Fakes hate me right now
But you real players Respect this
Not open for further replies.