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looking for proud squirters

Im not complaining at all but one of the best feelings a bbc can feel from a woman is being squirted on . I just wanted it to be known , many women are shy about this and its a perception that it runs bbc away ,i just wanted it to be said that bbc loves to be squirted on the more the better . I know and have met a few true bed soakers . I have a local that likes to soak me from head to toe ..I know one that squirts when gags on bbc .. i also know a repeat squirter ..she cannot rent rooms locally in her name where im from , she squirts so hard she can hit the ceiling , sprays like a water hose in orgasmic trances ive tried to post vids but oh well ... so i just wanted to start a thread for women who take pride in showing off their amazing orgasm ability ...