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Looking for owner

I am tired of my life, and pretending that I don't want to be a sissy TV owned by a man or dominant woman.
I want someone to come and free me from my life, and claim me. I want to live with them, and have them take care of me and transform me into their feminine dream. In exchange, I will satisfy their sexual desires, and do work around the house.
I want this to be my new life. A life! That means long lasting.
Right now, I am not much to work with. White, 5'6", age 26, 200 pounds. Masculine. I have nothing to offer besides myself.
If you think you can turn me into what I desire to be, and fulfill my dream, then contact me. And be serious. I don't expect to work outside my new home. I will be like a pet, or maid, or prisoner, or lover.