looking for older bbc

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself Here' started by wouldlikto, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. wouldlikto

    wouldlikto New Member

    we would like to find bbc 40 to 50 for wife to enjoy please help
  2. 4WivesPussyOnly

    4WivesPussyOnly Well-Known Member Gold Member

    any pictures of the wife?
  3. wouldlikto

    wouldlikto New Member

    we are not trashie were pretty discreet
  4. blackmeat

    blackmeat Administrator; Where a woman cums FIRST! Real Person Gold Member

    WHO or WHAT suggested you were "trashie"? It's common sense to ask for a picture, especially when nothing is shown. (You may not be trashie but you will quickly be perceived as a fake and end up NOT attracting BBD...) Have fun in your search!