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    Searching for a long term relationship to a true BBC Queen. Its will be entirely your decision how me live the relationship in public..from secret to total outing. I live in switzerland but would be willing to move (can work from anywhere).

    -22jrg, good looking
    -earning enough to be able to care for both of us and have a good life
    -24/7 in chastity and only YOU got the key
    -very submissive

    -Between 18 and 60
    -Looks doesnt matter.
    -Not interested in any sexual intercourse with white males, me included.
    -Addicted to big black cocks.
    -Beginners welcome
    -Dont mind if you have kids allready and/or would like one by your bull.

    Looking forward to your answer!

    Your Josephine :*
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    Wow you sound like the perfect cuckold! I am in my 30s, Latina and I love to fuck and love being watch while fucking. I love all cocks but really enjoy the pussy stretching of a BBC. I enjoy creampies and love having someone male of female eat the cum from my swollen pussy. I also love to squeeze the hot cum from my pussy into a martini glass and then share the tastiness with whoever is there.

    I also have most of my sexual encounters in group fashion.

    Hope I'm what you are looking for.
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    ..and you sound like the perfect queen! Id love to share a cum martini with you!

    Going to send you a message now :)
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    searching again :( :wub: