Looking For Couples & Single Females Visiting or Living in NYC


Real Person
Hello how are you my name is Jazz.
I'm a 38 year old single guy who is looking for that average, conservative couple or single lady in public who likes to let their inhibitions go in private. I am looking for A couple who is sexually open and adventurous and I would like to invite me ( a straight male ) into there bed room
Or if you if you are traveling to the NYC area and would like to invite me or me and a few friends to your hotel room
feel free to inbox me a way to contact you and lets make this happen 2TiZw21371507646.jpg 24SuGX1371509838.jpg jxpgEb1371510780.jpg kq7aIS1371510450.jpg make reality.jpg R13xgI1371506618.jpg T5fBtk1371504932.jpg thinking.jpg tMSeia1371506990.jpg ueWNVW1371061644.jpg vvD29d1371061299.jpg