Looking for a woman that would not mind relocating

I was married to a wonderful nympho maniac a little over 50 years this wonderful creature passed away in February 2008. I would love to find another lady would my wife's capabilities to live out the remainder of my life with. My late wife was 100% devoted to the black male population I supported her all the way.

I would love to find another woman to move in with me to share my rental property who would also enjoy the black male population in her life.

I presently live alone on a fixed income quite comfortably, I would like to marry the woman that moves in with me so that there to be no complications with my property when I pass away. I am not a demanding person very easy-going I never interfered with anything my wife was going during our entire marriage, I was devoted to my wife to make sure that she was a very very happy.
Regards Joe