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Looking for a story


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Wife wants to be blindfolded and tied to the bed then I let some one fuck her. Anyone have story like that
Not quite but one night my wife was in bed and our friend called around .he asked where Kim was and I told him she had gone to bed he asked if he could sneak in and see what would happen I suggested I would go and stroke he back and see if she would respond to my touch , as I got close and stroked her back and neck she responded so I started to talk about our friend and how she loves black cock that got her very hot and wet ,she lay on her tummy so I could stroke her ass and feel her wet fanny.
Sam was in the other room getting undressed then sneaked into our bedroom and stood at the end of the bed ,I managed to get her on all fours and she waved her ass at me asking me to fuck her ,but I moved to one side and let Sam get behind her with one motion he entered her and she was so surprised I held her head and said take his black cock Sam is here to fuck you with that he buried his cock so deep she fainted I got in front so she could lay her head in my lap and I watched Sam fuck the crap out of her. she really enjoyed the evening and the surprise made it even better.