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hi all, i am white, 32 year old man looking for a hot black cock whore to marry. i would be proud to watch my whore white wife fuck big black cocks all day long. please get in touch if you like this idea. thank you
Hi Tanya,
Just trying to convey that sexually I'm a guy who gets most aroused by women who like black men and would love to be able to share my desires and deepest sexuality with a long-term partner.
However, I'm aware that this is only one facet of a relationship and would like to be able to share so much more of myself with a partner and enable her to do so with me.
I've always been unfulfilled in most relationships as I couldn't share my most intimate cuckold and interracial desires and fantasies. If such a large part of ones character and being is denied it leads to problems in the end. I'm here because I hope to find a partner who likes black men and cuckolding, and then see if other parts of ourselves are compatible too - rather than find someone I can get on well with but can't express my sexual desires and fetishes.
It's a risk but I'm happy enough in my daily life to wait for the right person.