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Looking for a cuckoldress

I am 52 wm looking for a young girl who wants to have a lot of black kids. I am looking to marry you for insurance and benefit reasons. I will be locked in permeant chastity never to touch you your body will be for your black studs only. I will be true to you while you will fuck who ever you want in our home in our bed. I will care for you while you are carrying, doing everything for you. I will be your slave. My pay will be humiliation, degradation, demoralization, beatings and torture. My goal will to take care of you and your kids. My life will be dedicated to caring for you and your black kids . This is no joke this is a true proposition. My life dream is to be a daddy to a white girls black kids. I want you to have as many as you want.
I believe every white woman should have black kids and every white male should take on the responsibilties of the woman and kids allowing white woman to fuck as many black gods as she wants. Your job as a small useless dick wimp is to be care giver for the black slut and kids. The more black kids she has the bigger contrubition to the superior race you are making.
If any one is interested our if anyone knows of a young girl who wants black kids . put slaveboi in subject line so I know your real.
This is real
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