Looking for a couple for kik...

Looking for a guy who is, submissive or switch, that is willing to get girls pregnant for me over skype, and let me watch without expecting me to be on camera, i'm selfish as hell, and my personality is staunch, but i am not afraid to assert myself, when getting what is needed for my pleasure, i can't stress this enough, but i will because guys don't seem to understand, i will not send you nudes, i will not get on cam, i will not send you videos, please do not contact me if you expect these things, i also do not want a dominant male, we will have a problem, if you are. If interested please contact me on kik first, and send me a full body nude live pic, or i'm going to ignore/block you, i'm not seeking negative feedback here nor will i be back to read it, because i don't wanna deal with the bullshit from anyone, i just want a guy to satisfy my needs, also don't bother messaging me and saying "you can do all of that in person" because i don't care, and i'm not going to meet up with you, i don't have sex it's not enjoyable for me... it never has been... because obviously it's a mans world.. and they do what they want, im trying to take advantage and use men, because i'm a little sexist.. well not really but they piss me off.. anyway i'm looking to use a guy, for my own satisfaction, i'm also not into BDSM or any of that shit.. no anal or any of that ... No bullshit ether please i get tired of wasting my time.

Kik: samantha23325