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We are looking for BBC, too, on a trip planning to France. Suzi speaks French and hopes to meet a handsome French black man on our trip for mutual pleasure. A little about Suzi...
When I met Suzi I was 45 and she was 20. She was originally from SE Asia but had been raised in France. When I met her, Suzi had only recently come from France to Texas. I first saw Suzi at a bistro where she was working. Suzi was a beauty - she looked like a model, albeit petite (5’2 98 lbs). I was crazy about her the first time I saw her. I asked Suzi out that night and we met for dinner then I took her to a blues bar. Suzi had on a short mini skirt and a flimsy, low cut top with no bra. We had a couple of drinks and were sitting at a table between dances. I placed my hand on her thigh; Suzi spread her legs for me & I began to caress the inside of her thigh. Suzi took my hand and placed it on her pussy spreading her legs wide. She didn’t have any panties on and was very wet. I began to finger her in the club as she leaned back, legs spread out wife and moaning. People began to stare at us but she didn’t care and was oblivious to them. While I was fingering her Suzi began to fondle my cock and asked me if I was ready to leave. As I drove the car Suzi undid my pants and sucked me while I fingered her. When I reached my house, I licked & sucked Suzi’s shaved pussy then we fucked several times that night. We fucked a few more times the next morning and afternoon. We have been together ever since.

Suzi is an Asian MILF (we have 5 boys) and isn’t that skinny anymore (she is now 5’2 113), but she is still hot & horny and looks pretty good for her age (46). I am 71 and not the young stud I used to be. As I passed 65 and began to close in on 70, I noticed a drop in my sexual prowess. I can no longer fuck Suzi every night as I used to and as she needs. I sensed that Suzi wanted it more often than the few times a month I was giving it to her, so I told her one evening that I thought she should take a lover. At first Suzi said no, but I pressed her and she finally said she would take a lover if that was what I really wanted. I told her it was what I wanted, and I asked her who she would want to fuck. We sometimes watch porn and her favorite porn movies (Suzi always chooses Black-on-Asian porn. She likes to watch big muscular black men with their huge cocks fuck sexy, petite Asian girls while I lick and suck her pussy), so I wasn’t surprised when she told me that if she was to have a lover she wanted it to be a lean, hard black man with a light complexion and a big, thick cock. Later, she told me she wanted her first black man to be a Jamaican. So, I arranged a trip to Negril, Jamaica, for her to have her first black man two summers ago.

The trip to Jamaica was wonderful; we had a great time, but Suzi got cold feet and didn’t go through with her plan to fuck several black men while at Jamaica. C’est la vie. One night while in Negril, I took Suzi to a club called “The Jungle”. In my eagerness & excitement to see Suzi having sex with black bulls (our purpose in going to “The Jungle” was to pick up some black bulls to take back to the resort to fuck Suzi) that night, I arrived at “The Jungle” much too early. Nobody was there. It turns out that the crowd doesn’t show up at The Jungle until very late. We sat around for a couple of hours and Suzi was so pissed (there was a party at the resort she was missing that she had wanted to go to and nothing was happening at “The Jungle”.) that I could tell nothing was going to happen so we went back to the resort party. Its a pity too because just as we were leaving people were beginning to pour in (with lots of black guys with white women). Unfortunately, lots of good looking black women were pouring in, too, and many of them were very friendly to me which pissed off Suzi even more. So, Negril was a missed opportunity.

Suzi tells me she still wants to fuck some good looking, but she would still wants her first black man to be during a vacation. She says she will be more relaxed on vacation and it will be easier to do and she will enjoy it more. Also, being Asian she is naturally somewhat conservative - I think Suzi is a little afraid of her family and friends finding out if she fucks some black men. She thinks someone will see her at home but nobody will ever know what she does on vacation. Suzi says taking that first step is hard but that it should get easy after than. Suzi told me, “ttaking that first step, doing it the first time (going black) is hard. I think it will be easier after that first time.”

Here are some pics of her on our trip to Negril. Let me know if you are interested in doing her. She wants me to take her to Vegas, to France and back to the Caribbean so let me know if any of these places work for you. Thanks.

Su going out.jpg
Su going out.jpg