looking fo ownership of white woman

I seek specifically a white female or sub couple, Ideally for LTR and TPE. Obviously, that is an end goal.
Some women like to be asked, some need to be told.
Some women stumble along in a convenient fiction of who they are, some are strong enough to face a more difficult truth when it is shoved in their face. Who is the stronger? The one who finds a way to not submit or the one who submits to the truth?
I am not really open to online / long distance relationships and cyber does not offer anything to me at all. I think the computer is best used to meet someone who you can have an offline relationship with hopefully.
It can bring people together and allow us to be open about who we are and what we need without fear of the bad things that would happen if i was open about what i seek in my own small, closed minded community.
I was not even aware this lifestyle existed, till I got took into it by my ex sub. I now know who and what I am and it is very liberating.
I know more about what my needs are as opposed to my wants and I know more about how I can fill the needs of others. I also don't feel that a owned slave is less than her master/owner. We are of equal value in the eyes of God, but that doesn't mean that we have to be the same. We have different roles to play and different rights and responsibilities.
I am responsible, intelligent, committed and seeking ideally a LTR. I am open to (and hoping for) relocating if and when the right sub finds me. I am not a scammer and will never ask you for one dime (and will never give one dime) to someone i meet online for relocation or any other scammy thing.
I have high hopes for this site. Sometimes one has to take a chance and put themselves out there or just sit in a fake life and think perverse thoughts. I am scared as heck to go forward but to not go forward would be the worst.
So if you have got all the way through this and don't think i am too crazy and i didn't scare you off and you are an female sub that might be a fit, say hi. Good luck to all of us.