looking cheating girlfriend

I'm a young submissive attractive male with good body. I'm looking for a serious relationship with a dominant, and demanding woman who will totally control me in every way. I'm very romantic, sweet, and when I fall in love I put a 100% into the relationship. There's nothing I won't do for someone I love.

I'm looking for a woman who is very dominant, and demanding. Someone who will love me, but can also be mean, and cruel with me when i deserve it. I want a woman who will make me fall in love with her, and then eventually cuckold me, I have been cheated on in the past, and I like to feel the jealousy that comes with it when someone you love is being unfaithful. I want someone who is selfish, and even tho she sleeps around, she wouldn't put up with me even looking at another woman. So if your looking for someone who will love you, give you massages, and rub your feet when you get home, and just pamper you in every way then send me an email. I want a woman that wants her cake and eat it too. Someone who would like to have a loving bf, but also be allowed to be with other man, while I'm totally faithful to her.