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Long Time Fantasy

Had a GF in graduate school who was so turned on by IR porn. Just stumbled upon it and she went crazy. I'll have to share the story another night. She worked at a place with a girl who was dating a black guy. She would always tell my GF, "You have to try having sex with a black guy...once you go black..." After our first serious session of watching an IR porn I quickly developed this fantasy of seeing my super hot, sexy GF fuck a well hung black guy. I partially got up the courage to tell her what my fantasy was but I fucked it up big time. Told her I had this fantasy of her being super sexual like a stereo typical guy....that was just supposed to be the lead in but all she heard was that she wasn't sexual enough and got really upset. Blown opportunity. Should have brought it up again but it just never happene. She would have totally gone for it...not a doubt in my mind.

Flash forward a few years and I married a good Catholic woman....who was cute and sexy but very inexperienced. Never had oral sex, never gave oral sex. No vibrators. Nothing out of the ordinary. Before we got married I made a pledge to myself to have 100% disclosure. So I told her about my fantasy. She didn't freak but she just said plainly, "I'm not attracted to black guys." Over and over again she would say it. Undeterred I bought her a massive, black, life like vibrator. She was shocked and disgusted at first. But I gently persisted. She tried it and had an amazing orgasm. Actually whenever she watches IR porn with me now she get very wet, orgasms quickly and very powerfully. We play with that toy fairly regularly.

Not sure she will ever try this in real life but she does get very turned on by it. She 5'3" 116 pounds with 36C.....and a cute round ass. More to follow.