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Living the B2W lifestyle incognito style

As a professional black executive, many would never imagined me being a Black Dominant Bull. I am polite, well-spoken, and well-dressed.

I have a strong attraction to women who look unsuspecting and are primarily and proper, but love being a submissive white female to the right black dominant.

Ladies, do you like living the incognito B2W lifestyle? If so, how do you pull it off?

Hi there.
Hate to break it to you, but I would immediately think...or at least hope...that you're a bull. I'm a professional women in an industry where the executives are primarily white men. A few years ago we hired a black Jamaican man who I truly hope is a bull. The chemistry was instant, I know he's attracted to big curvy blonds. He's made it clear. And I know he knows I want him. It's a matter of time. No one in the office would expect this of either of us. Both married. Both very corporate and conservative looking.

On the surface, no one would suspect my inclination toward black men. Except the black men. They seem to know and zero in on me. I don't play hard to get. I am hard to get. But for the right man....

There is another man that works in my building that I suspect is a bull. I recently got in an elevator and he was the only one in it. I am sure he heard me gasp at the site of him and saw me smile. I'm sure I blushed. I just wanted to hit the stop button on the elevator....So sometimes? Incognito is really hard...


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No one would know I have been a BBC slut for 12 years; just like no one would know my business exec hubby is a sub bi cuckold. We do not flaunt it around here because most would never understand. I do in social situations flirt with black men, occasionally they pick-up on the signals. When we travel I am more open, more slutty. Plus both cuck hubby and I wear jewelry that identifies BBC Slut Wife / cuck hubby.


Real Person
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Hubby here. We have to be carefull do to the wife's job and of course family and she comes from a very large one. But when we do meet a new bull for the first time its always at a sports bar or lounge of some sort. She does have a Q of S anklet she will wear when we go with fun in mind