Live in BBC master

You are lucky if you have truly found this. My wife and I are looking to be owned, and eventualy have a live in master that we both serve. Its hard to find a black king that is willing to go forward with it as well. Great to hear that other couples are open to this though. We find it very hot and exciting to be controlled in every aspect by black men, not just sex. It would make it obvious to others as well that we are black owned, and that's what makes me want to do it sooner than later. Id say go ahead with it and move in and dominate the household
We talked extensively with a black bull about the concept. It would have worked out nicely for him since he was needing to move to the area for a medical internship. Ultimately, we decided against it because it would be distruptive to family that visited and really would expose the lifestyle more than we were comfortable with.