Lisa Snowdon


As a white guy, the one thing I notice all the time is the natural chemistry that exists between Black men and white women - and there are certain things I see which illustrate that perfectly.

I've long had a huge crush on the gorgeous Lisa Snowdon - a beautiful British ex-model turned DJ and presenter. I've been lucky enough to meet Lisa and I can attest that she is even more fantastic in the flesh - tall, elegant and charming.

But best of all about Lisa for me? She likes Black guys!

Which brings me to the point of today's post! Take a look at this clip filmed at Lisa's radio show with guest star Nelly. Not only does it show Lisa's great personality - it also stands as a perfect example of the undeniable chemistry I see between Black men and white women. What do you think?

What if the brother lived in the hood?
And was a bus driver? Would she still fuk em??
Ha ha..just messin