Like to hear from Bulls, white women and cuckolds about being denutted

Should the cuckold be Neutered/denutted

  • Yes in a longterm cuckold relationship

    Votes: 36 73.5%
  • No in a longterm cuckold relationship

    Votes: 13 26.5%

  • Total voters
I have been talking with a white beautiful lady, I have met with her a couple times, kind of getting to know her, she has some experience in cuckolding. She is BBC only, I do feel a good comfortable connection with her. We talked about a longterm relationship, eventually living together. I will fast forward all of conversations when she mentioned that her goal would be, where she would like me in time be denutted because my little white wee wee is of no use to her and we would be better off in the longterm with me being Neutered/denutted. I just wanted to hear from all, BBC Bulls, white women and other cuckolds if they have considered, experienced or wanted to do this, find out the outcome of this. I know everyone is different, that's why I would like advice from all angles.

Does a bull appreciate this knowing the cuck has been neutered?

Does the white wife/gf find this better with the cuck being compliant and submissive with being neutered?

Has another cuckold been approached about this and went through with it?
I'm not actually into the cuckold scene, but if you were to be "denutted" as you say, I suppose there are two ways to go about it. There is the case of merely losing the testicles (in which you would be the mundane sort of eunuch)...but if you are to be truly trusted not to arouse or be aroused by ladies and perhaps even manage a harem....well then you need to have the more comprehensive...umm...well...."keeper of the keys" type of castration.

I guess you could take your pick depending on your future plans.

I didn't vote by the way, though I viewed the results. Thanks for broaching such a sensitive topic.
Thank you for giving your opinion Andrea, yes it is a very sensitive discussion. When she mentioned that to me, I was a little stunned. After we talked about it, she wants a longterm relationship and said down the road, a year or 2, she wanted to be upfront with me what she wants from her cuckold. Her opinion is, her cuckold is not there for her sexual needs and my penis is useless to her, so why not be denutted in a safe way. Not for me to be harmed.
We our meeting for lunch today, to discuss more about what she's seeking. I will ask her to talk some about me being denutted, that only reason I say it like that is because I don't like the C word, lol
Okay I'm leaving now, we touched a little on the being denutted. She says there are several ways to achieve this. She wants me to understand and want this also if I'm not than we our a good fit. She has had 2 other men that she cuckolded and they were long distant. And both changed there mind on being denutted after saying they wanted it. She said there is a doctor a Marc Arnkoff from Detroit Michigan that she has had conversations with him and cuckold. About an hour or less procedure, he numbs you up and quickly removes, stiches you up and send you home, off work for a week or so.
The other she has researched was injections into the testes that kill the testes and they shrink up hard the size of peas.
She says this is something down the road, like a year or so living together and if everything is going the way she wants than we can talk about being denutted and marriage.
What she has in mind is what she has in mind.
What you had for lunch tells me that a she will come under the spell of a massive black bull
who will insist on doing the procedure himself with a knife sans anesthesia. On his beginning
to cut you will suddenly become so massively hard that the knife will slip, cutting his hand.
He will give out a loud bellow....which will transform you from being an invertebrate into a

There's just one thing...if you return to Olive Garden before this occurs the entire future will be reset.

Your wife may not want to hear this, so just tell her I said your lunch meant that there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.
I said I'm not sure if I want to be without any orgasms for the rest of my life and she said she knows a couple that lives this lifestyle. When the cuckold behaves they use a clitoral viborator on the head of his shrunken penis because it does shrink up, that he gets some stimulation from this but doesn't get an erection or anything.
Yes, that's why I started with "What she has in mind is what she has in mind."

You shouldn't ignore good advice. Also, the unlimited salad is BS since you have to ask for a refill and they purposely take such a a long time so that your entree will arrive first. Staying out of OG until my prediction comes true shouldn't be difficult. If you need Italian food just move to New Orleans.

Also don't you find it just a bit suspicious that the initials OG spells Og, the antediluvian giant who survived the flood by holding onto Noah's Ark?