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Hello all. So we took a break from playing for a while and now we are back. So just looking for some advice on how to spice things up both in and out of the bed.
Would love to hear some stories and advice from cucks hotwifes and bulls.
For us we pushed our excitement up when we had a gangbang with our 5 bulls. We let them go condom free. After a few hours of them cumming in me I teased hubby about about being pregnant from our bulls. We have just gone from there letting the bulls we trust and tested go bareback. We also took some risks by playing without birth control. Knowing what could happen. So it's a couple of ways that have worked for us.


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According to her...nothing at all happened..was fun, but boring weekend with girls she went to college with....just caught up on old times. However, at some point I got added to a text trail during their travels home & something about a big stud they called Thor & a brazillian wax, lol
How do you use it. Still haven't used ours


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No we haven't. What have you tried and how has it spiced things up
Started with being handcuffed to the bed, while hubby fucks me or sticks things in me, then nipple and clit clamps, next going for deep throat gag and door restraints.
Love the feeling of being helpless while a guy uses me, love the slight sexy pain, the naughtiness and the photos they enable. X