Level of Freedom To Fuck Lovers

Ladies...how many of you here are the type who hook up with your black lovers whenever and wherever you want without pre-arranging with hubby? Do you tell him about every single time or do you keep it to yourself and if he finds out he finds out? Does hubby come home to you riding your lovers cock for all its worth and you keep going?


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Hook up wherever and whenever I decide to. I always tell him when I'm going out to play. But sometimes I can't get hold of him. Or a chance meeting with a friend leads to an afternoon or early evening romp. But I always tell him as soon as I can. Afterwards or during a break.

We don't invite people to our home. Our sanctuary. But, we have said that if we did, yes, him discovering me riding a lover's cock and continuing without skipping a beat would be a great turn on for both of us.


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After my husband set me up with a black lover for my 50th birthday I knew it was allright to take black cock when
I wanted too. Sometimes my husband knew and sometimes he didn't but he always told me it was my pussy not
his. He said after watching me on my 50th birthday that I was born to give myself to black guys. He always was/has been
very respectful of me and my black lovers. He always gave us plenty of space and privacy and always made it easy
for me date or spend weekends or even a few vacations with the black guys I was seeing.
That's so hot. I've always wanted that female counterpart where I could be like -

"So what did you do today?"

"Eh, ran a few errands this morning, then 'so and so' came over for a bit and we fucked for awhile blah blah blah"

Or we're just having sex and she brings it up while we are (like "BTW so and so and I fucked today"), then goes into great detail about it.

Or the occasional..."Remember when I told you I was going to the store? Well I actually went and fucked..."


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.....Sorry to spoil the fantasies, but spouses should always know ahead of time IF the other is hooking up with someone. Not saying he/she has to be present, but for safety purposes, the spouse should know AND with today's technologies, any tracking devices should be on if possible. And if you have children at home, no wife should be out, by herself, with other men and I think the ladies know why.
This isn't the '60s or 70's folks ... we don't leave the doors unlocked at night, and we don't walk the uptown streets alone at 1 AM ... this is the 21st century; times are different.


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For 45 years I have had the freedom to be with any man and any woman I desire. For safety I never meet a stranger without hubby. However, I did not ask/tell hub before I fucked my boss at work. Or went home with one of the secretaries for a threesome with her and her hubby. I have had black men, who I know, here when hub travels on business. Hub loves the surprise when he arrives home.