Lets get together

NO drama or emotional attachment for some nice, loving, sensual, kissing,
touching, pleasuring. We all have a need for sexual fun and fullfillment so why clutter it up with a lot of other stuff ?
Wouldn't it be nice to just meet a nice guy that wants nothing more than to be a friend, be nice to you,
and have a mutually satisfying sexual encounter ? If we really hit it off then why not make this a periodic thing for us ?
If we find that it works for us then we can meet whenever either of has the desire or need.
I am sincere about this and just want to meet a nice lady and have fun together.
Don't worry about size, race, age, marital status, etc.
We can work through all that and exchange an email or two and see if we think we have possibilities.
You've got nothing to lose if you don't think it will work then we simply part friends. lets give it a try.
Lets get together and make each other feel really good. I am quite willing to do whatever you enjoy and makes you feel good.