Lessons for a SlutWife


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I've written 10 lessons or Cuckold demands for a hotwife, as well for her hubby to follow.


1. She signs a Cuckold Agreement with her Black Master designating him as her lover, and offering him the will to train her toward becoming a Black Cock Slut.

2. She dresses sexually appropriate regarding whichever taste he desires of her.

3. She demands her hubby submit to her Black Master as well, and accord whatever means of comfort & respectability he can offer to her Master.

4. She spreads the word about her new-found sexually-liberated life to involve her best friends & even family members to partake in the lifestyle.

5. She designates herself as becoming her Black Master’s sexual property. The same goes to her hubby, too.

6. She endeavors to acquire a Black-Owned or ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo representing who owns her, and what she is becoming.

7. She submits every hole to her Master’s pleasure, however and whenever he desires to fuck her. She must enjoy him climaxing inside her for Black Breeding.

8. She must demand her husband complete his Reparation Fees to his/her Black Master.

9. She must fuck only whomever her Master instructs her to, and it must preferably be a Black man. Should she decide to fuck a white boi, she must demand monetary payment for it.

10. She must NEVER forget lessons 1 - 9. The same goes with her husband, too.



Do you have any you'd like to include?