Lesbian experience


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Lo had a unique experience at a party. She was leaning over a couch in a very short skirt watching a woman in a three way when I mentioned she was mooning the poor girl on the other couch. A very cute topless black chic. Well the girl heard my comment walked over said "that's OK it is a party" then started playing with Lo's tits and making out. Lo sat on the couch and the girl went down on her while I sucked her tit. A few moments later the black girls boyfriend started in on Lo's other boob. After Lo came the girl moved on to another guy but her bf stayed to give Lo a proper pounding. Lo wasn't interested in girls before that night but she's certainly been thinking about them since.


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It´s very exciting for a man see two (or more) women having sex:The subtle touch, incredible kisses, lightness, and softness, alternate with brief moments of hardness. The perfect oral sex (A woman licks other woman better than any man). The vaginas glued together in scissors position. It´s amazing!