Lesbian Cream Pie?

Ladies, have you ever eaten a Cream Pie and did you like it?

  • Yes, I loved it and cant get enough

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  • Yes, but not my favorite

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  • Yes, but didnt like it

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  • No, but want to

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  • No, and not really interested

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Ladies, one of the huge themes on this site is the Cream Pie. Up until recently I never really thought much about it. My husband will eat cream anywhere and any time, whether its his or someone else's.

Recently however one of my girl friends came over in the late morning after I had given my husband some liberties. I did not know she was coming and I had no idea she would be in one of her slutty moods. Without saying a word when she got here, she took me to the bedroom and we stripped. Immediately she went down on me and sucked and licked.

After a while she came up for air and noted how hot I was and said she loved the new taste. I mentioned that she was eating my husband pie. Her eyes light up and I thought she was going to get really upset. However, all she did was dive back into me for the longest licking I had ever had. I lost count how many times she made me cum and forced me to let her keep sucking and licking.

When we were finally done and she had given and taken more than enough for the two of us, I asked her what had her so horny. She said she was just the normal horny until I told her she was eating my husbands pie. She said that it changed her somehow and she just wanted more and more of it.

Since then she has been over every morning I allow my husband some fun. I thought I would share as I ask my question of you ladies.