Leash Law For White Women


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I've recently dabbled in the fetish scene with a girlfriend who loves to parade me around the party or club with a leash and collar. Instructed to stay quiet while she and whomever she is talking to discuss my sexual skills. Like I'm not there.

When she tells me to say hello to the person, I'm to kiss them on the lips. Sensually, to give them a taste of what they could be having. And when she asks me if there is anything I wish to say to the person, I am to say only "would you like to fuck me".

I get right into it. Feel lucky when she passes the leash to someone. And the sex she and I have afterwards (my reward for pleasing her) is amazing.
CEDF036D-1183-4B39-B654-91659E7258B6.jpeg B169A9D9-8683-44D5-98F7-AF26B7ADABD8.jpeg P Any gentlemen visiting Daytona Beach who have a leash for her? We are hoping to meet a BBC Master she can see regularly and who will train her to be a BBC slut. Passed around to his friends. Weekend long dates