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Latino Man in Westchester County, NY looking to get my Latina wife BLACK FUCKED

My wife is a sexy Puerto Rican and has a face, body, tits and ass that I know black men love! She is 5’3”, 180lbs. Short and thick with 38D tits with big nipples and a big tight wet pussy and rounding it out is her big 44” ass. I normally see black men looking at her and even trying to talk to her when I am with her and even when I am not with her or close by she tells me when a guy normally a black man tries to hit on her, I am not sure why she tells me that, but I go with the flow. I know from my wife talking to me that she has always hung out with black girls and guys a lot and has even been to many black night clubs with her black girl friends in the past.
She has never said to me that she does not like black men. She has said that some are nice, handsome and tends to point out the black men she likes when we are out in the streets. The black guys that she does point out to me are always Tall, Muscular or Husky guys, she prefers her men that way and she also says she likes her men well hung long and thick and prefers them to be circumcised. I know from talking to her she likes men 6' or taller 200lbs or more and no less then 9" or longer and 6" or thicker. I am the opposite of what she likes. I am taller then she is but much shorter then the type of man she likes I am slim and not to hung. I’ve often suspected that she’s secretly into black men and does not say anything to me.
She has told me on many occasions in the past that she is not use to just having 1 dick fucking her. When I meet her she seemed to have at least 3-5 guys as booty calls and with a few I think it was more then just a booty call. The one thing she has never specified was if any were black or not. For that matter she has never said if they were Latino, White or Black. She also mentioned that if she ever wanted to fuck another guy, she would not want me around because she would not be comfortable with me watching or even being there with her and the guy if and when it got to that.
She would need to be alone to feel comfortable and to be able to let go and do as she wants with the guy with out me being there. She would treat the guy and any other like a booty call/boyfriend, texting, calling and dating him on the side. Where they would go on dates and she would spend the night or weekends with the guy. If I could set it up where I know what she is doing and talking to the guy, letting her think she is playing me. She gets what she wants I get what I want and the guy/s get to fuck her.
I would not mind she go get fucked if I new she was getting fucked by black men only. I just think my wife would be the perfect BBC Slut. With the right Black man or men fucking her that I set up with out her knowing. I would like you to take photos and videos, and of course send them to me and you can also keep them. I am looking for guys that would be fine with that set up. Keep in mind you would get to fuck my wife and if you asked her to stay a night or a weekend, just let me know. That way when she comes to tell me she is going to stay with her girlfriend for the night or weekend I know it’s with you she will be staying and I would just say fine.
As long as we can communicate with each other and keep the photos and videos going of you fucking her, I am a happy guy and you are also. We live in Westchester County, NY she is 35 and prefers men to be her age and older no older then 50 and a none smoker would be better also. I would like to be able to talk to a few guys interested and try and set something up at a club or bar location where you would walk in make eye contact with her and distract her during the night. I would of course walk away from her a few times that night for you to approach her and get to talk to her and try and get her number to start talking and texting. Letting her think I know nothing about what is happening. I would need to see Face, Body with and with out clothing and dick photos to weed out the guys I know she will and wont go for when we set this up. I of course would also send you other Photos of her to get this started. I am looking for guys in Westchester County, NY and of course in the Tri-State area NY,NJ and CT.

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Wow yes defnately she's hot great ass n tis n a lovely pussy I love her sexy toes wow they drive me nuts won't mind sucking on those toes while I fuck her good