Latino husband with fantasies

Hello,am a latino husband with many fantasies about my wife.I have been married ten years to a beutiful latina.She is 30 kinda chubby but she has recently started going to the gym.She has dark hair,medium size tits but the thing i like most is her big ass.I often think about how she would look like with a big cock in her mouth or pussy,be it black or white.I have made some photoshops of her like this.The thing is she would never ever do this and I don't think I would be able to go through with watching her for real.Even so my dick gets hard when I see cuckold pics and vids,stories too.I would be able too watch her get felt up,that would be real hot too watch.Well glad to be part of this site and wonder of thiers anymore guys like me?
Welcome aboard. Take your time introducing it to your wife. I sent mine a couple photoshopped files of her with a bbc, now she is going crazy...
Hey thanks bobucruz.Have you watched your wife fuck anybody?What was she doing in the pics?I made some of her with two black dicks in her mouth and a black guy drilling her.
Thanks blackcandle.I am not your regular cuckold in that I am not into the denied or submissive thing.My wife and I have a great sex life,just that I get turned on when guys look at her and curious about how she would look with a huge cock in her mouth,hand or ass.Really it's more my fantasie than hers hahaha.Im trying to post pics of her but trying to do it from my phone and it wont let me.Turns me on to see what u,guys think of her,especially her huge mexican ass.
You seem like your a guniune gentleman but i truely believe that this lifestyle is not for you , but i could be wrong.. I do hope you try and coax your wife to convert over... i also enjoy fat-ass women of many shapes and sizes. enjoy this site...