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Last year...

This is a true story that happened to my wife, Clare, and I last year, I'll share it in full and give you some background details.

I first met Clare, in a London bar and we moved in with each other within a few months of meeting. We dated for a couple of years before getting married. She is Australian, quite pretty, with pale and lightly freckled skin, auburn hair and very blue eyes, not petite being 5’5”, but slim and with nice firm average sized breasts and shapely legs. She does have quite a full arse, which I find very sexy. Clare has an outgoing personality, but sexually she was not that experienced, only ever having slept with 4 guys by the time we got together when she was 26. However, a couple of things she did made me think she might have an adventurous streak: she always got all her pubic hair removed and she liked being spanked during sex. I encouraged her in the bedroom but, although she was happy to give blow-jobs etc, she didn’t want to do anal or anything too out there. I’m quite well endowed (a bit over 7 inches), compared to her previous lovers, and many times she said how good that made her feel physically and also how much the idea of it turned her on.

After we were living together Clare mentioned how inconvenient being waxed was and that she’d happily get her hair permanently removed by lasering, but that it was expensive. I said I’d treat her for birthday and Xmas gifts and she jumped at the offer. Having found a good place she went for several weeks to get her whole body done including a full Hollywood, which I love.

They also did piercing at this place and Clare said it would be a bit of a thrill to have her bellybutton done. She actually liked the experience and perhaps that is connected to her enjoyment of being spanked and the pain aspect of it. I was turned on by this an asked her if she would get her nipples pierced. A fortnight later she said she had a nice surprise for me and to close my eyes. On opening then I was met by her exposed breasts with two very red nipples complete with a shiny stud in each. I fucked her hard that night, even though I wasn’t allowed to touch them for a while. Things moved on quickly and she ended up getting her labia and clit done too over the next six months, she was pretty addicted to the process and I ended up insisting she stop at one ring per labia!

Not long after we got married, we started watching porn together to make a sex life a bit more interesting. Predictably, we saw some interracial porn, which is everywhere. I preferred to watch it for the contrast and that the white girls seemed to enjoy having sex more with a black guy, it was a bit taboo too. Clare really liked it, she had never slept with a black guy and would stare at the large tools rampant on the screen – I joked that she had doing a black guy on her bucket list, that made her blush and made me wonder. Soon interracial was all we were watching.

I teased Clare about being excited by the black cocks and said we should buy her a big black dildo, which she agreed ‘might be fun’. We put the order in one night, the next day I had the idea to log back into the site and up the size of the dildo, I made the 8”, and 11” which was quite a bit thicker. Clare was shocked at the size of the thing when we unwrapped it and said that it would only be fine as a clit stimulator (it vibrated).

We got into a routine of putting IR porn (always black men fucking white women) on our laptop in the bedroom, and while Clare got down on all fours I’d hold the big dildo against her clit until she came. I’d also rub in against her opening and I began putting lube on it too, even though Clare was always very wet. One night I worked the well-greased head of the toy into her pussy, she let me without protest and actually encouraged me by making loud groans. From then on the dildo was always used inside and she could take an amazing amount of it, almost all the way in. They became sweaty torrid nights, with progressively dirtier talking. Clare, egged on by me, would say ‘fuck me with that big cock’, ‘I want that big black cock in me’, which after a while became, ‘I want a big black cock in me, fucking me hard’.

It got to the point where I could only wonder if she wanted a black lover, and I couldn’t believe how aroused it made me. I didn’t feel jealousy, or if I did feel any, it was overwhelmed by excitement of seeing Clare with a black man. I asked her about it one evening when we were drunk. She said; ‘if a black man I fancied walked into our bedroom right now, I’d let him fuck me, but I’m not going to go to a bar and pick him up!’ And anyway, she pointed out that I’m her husband and wouldn’t I be outraged? I said; ‘no actually, I’d be excited’. Clare looked at me in wonder.

Within days, heart beating hard and without telling Clare, I began my search for her lover. I looked online. I looked at clubs (bouncers) - I went to so many dodgy clubs! And gyms. I found I could do an induction after work and get a sense for the place without joining, I picked gyms is black areas. It took months and many false starts. I had a few naked shots of Clare, which I would show to prospective guys, many told me to fuck off thinking I was gay or something. Some I got a bad vibe from. Then I met Karl.

Karl (not his real name) was a long-term regular at a Watford gym, which was perfect as we lived only about 20 minute drive away. The gym was on the national bodybuilding circuit and many of the men there were huge, Karl was bigger than any of the others and had very black skin and a stubbly shaved head. He was in his late 20s but had been a boxer in his teens and his face was battered to almost ugly as a result. He looked dangerous but actually seemed to be a nice guy. He stared at the picture of Clare, then at me and said simply; ‘she’s beautiful, why do you want me to fuck your wife?’ I stammered that I loved her and wanted her to have as much pleasure as possible. He nodded, looking a bit unconvinced, but nevertheless was obviously really taken with Clare’s image.

I arranged with him to visit our house in a couple of weeks and took his phone number. Then I pondered how to explain it to Clare. Of course I kept putting it off until a few days before, then I got her drunk and just blurted it out! She laughed and being very drunk said; ‘great’, then looked really puzzled, then passed out.

Nervously, the next night I mentioned it again after we’d put the lights out to got to sleep. She said, ‘I remember… I don’t know what to say… I’ll be in when he arrives.’

Saturday afternoon at 2pm was the time agreed. I ran Clare a bath in the late morning and poured her a sparkling wine. She drank it quickly and accepted a top-up. I’d bought her a gift of new jewellery for her piercings, they had white ceramic heads on the studs and rings. She let me put them in for her; studs in her nipples, navel and clit; rings in her labia. Clare seemed to want me to chose her outfit, trusting me to know what looked sexy. I dressed her in white stockings and suspenders and white heels with ankle straps. I suggested she do her toe-nails and finger nails in a deep red colour and match her lipstick, and not wear much other makeup. Her shoulder length hair was tied up in a casual pile on top of her head. While I took a bottle of lubricant from a drawer and put it on the bed, she put on a loose pale dress that was backless and very short, wearing it without knickers or bra. She looked amazing.

At two o’clock, downstairs, Clare was finishing her third prosecco, which she almost dropped when the doorbell rang. I opened it for Karl who walked quickly through the hall in to our open plan lounge kitchen, which he filled. Clare was standing in the kitchen area with mouth agog.

At the gym, Karl had seemed big, but there he was surrounded by very big men. In our living room, he was a giant. Easily 6’11” and very very wide. His head was massive, so were his hands and feet. And his muscles were bigger than I though possible, he’d obviously just worked out and they were pumped. His bicepts alone were as big as footballs. I’d made a mistake and Clare looked scared, not turned on! She blustered a ‘hello’, as he walked over and rather formally shook her hand, looking into her eyes.

I was drinking beer and offered Karl one, which he accepted. I handed him it from the fridge. Confession time: I’d spiked his with Cialis earlier that day and put the cap back on. Clare didn’t know about this. Handing him the drink, and suggesting he sit down on our leather sofa, it was all very awkward. As we drank, things relaxed a little, Clare was hovering in the kitchen area, I’d sat down on our armchair opposite Karl, whose sprawling form filled the couch. I suggested Clare sit next to him as she didn’t seem very relaxed standing up, she nervously dropped down in the small space to his right.

Karl made a couple of light-hearted jokes about Australian accents and Clare laughed a few times, they were relaxing now. As they chatted, he kept paying her compliments; eyes, hair, even legs – her dress had ridden right up when she sat down and her thighs were exposed. From where I was sitting I could catch a glimpse between her legs of her pussy’s fleshy shape.

Karl was actually quite charming and confident and it wasn’t long before his hand was resting on Clare’s white knee his other big arm draped casually behind her on the back of the sofa. Karl paid her another compliment about her shapely neck and, quite gently for such a big man, leaned in and kissed it under her left ear. For a while he stayed there caressing her neck with his large black lips and tongue, then slowly moved around the front of her neck to her right ear, his big mass leaning into her as he did so. Clare tilted her head back and breathed heavily, her cheeks were flushed. As he worked around her neck, Karl's hand was sliding its way between Clare’s legs, which she parted. I could clearly see her exposed bald pussy and the glint of metal piercing and wetness. His big fingers were soon glancing against her clit and she moaned gently.

Karl used his other hand to undo Clare’s dress from where it was clipped behind her neck, the material dropped down exposing her breasts. She looked into his eyes and said she hoped he didn’t mind her piercings. He just grunted and closed his big mouth over her right breast, covering it and sucking strongly. She put her head back and moaned more loudly. Karl enjoyed her breasts for a little while switching between then, working her nipples which were very erect. Her neck and chest were flushed red and she was clearly very aroused.

Karl stopped, leant back and in one movement pulled off his t-shirt exposing his enormous and hairy black barrel chest. Clare gazed in admiration at this giant’s body, then leaned forward reaching her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply. They kept this up for a while and Karl began to slide one of his big black fingers inside her. It was almost the size of my penis and she was beside herself arching slightly as he pushed that wet digit in and out.

Then putting both hands on her waist, Karl lifted Clare from where she was sitting to stand in front of him and pulled her dress down completely to her ankles, she stepped out of it standing with her legs slightly apart, just in her stockings, suspenders and heels. Karl gazed at her body, taking in her milky skin and red nipples, her sexy waist and her exposed pierced clit and labia. He stood, and towering over her, kissed her mouth again then, in a smooth movement lifted her into his arms. Looking into her eyes he said simply; “let’s go to bed”.

I followed them up the stairs, as he carried her, kissing all the way, I could see Clare’s wet pussy from under his arm. Once in the bedroom, Karl put her down on the edge of the bed and started to undress. She starred at his body. I’d sat down in a chair on one side of the room quietly, but they were paying me no attention. He was wearing a large belt and buckle, once undone he unzipped and pushed down his jeans, slowly exposing his cock. Clare’s mouth opened and closed, speechless.

She later told me that at this point she was already overawed by the powerful sense of his black maleness. By his jet black skin and incredible masculine physical presence. But nothing, she said, had prepared her for the sight of that cock. It was giant. Much bigger than any we’d seen in videos, well over a foot long and very, very thick, it was the size of a big rolling pin. It rose up and up past Karl’s belly button as he straightened. Thickly veined and with a brutal tennis ball sized head, it throbbed with erotic desire.

Instinctively, Clare reached out to take hold, her fingers closed only half way around his girth. With both hands she pulled up and down and guided the bulbous head to her mouth. He was far too thick to suck, but she used her tongue to lap around it in a circular movement, sliding her tongue into his slit and cleaning up the pre-cum oozing from the head. Moaning as if hypnotised by her own movements, Karl encouraged her by putting his big black hands on her pale freckled shoulders and slightly moving his hips in a rhythm.

They carried on like this for ten minutes, Clare was obviously enjoying Karl’s cock very much, but she could sense his impatience and desire. Barely taking her eyes of his dominating member, she took up the bottle I’d left on the bed and covered her hands with lubricant. Working methodically, it took her a few minutes and severally applications to spread it from the base of his cock to the head, then squirting a large amount into the palm of her hand she slathered it thickly over his bulbous end. Looking at him directly, she dropped the bottle and said as if surprised herself; ‘oh god, I think I’m ready!’.

Clare leaned back, and slid backwards up the bed on her lovely arse, pushing herself, with legs spread wide, heels digging into the sheet, pussy wet and clit swollen. I’d never seen her so turned on, she lay back flat lifting her arms above her head. Karl mounted the bed, approaching her on his knees, cock swinging proud like a weapon. He moved up her body, his massive bulk swamping her small white frame, kissing her pussy, stomach and breasts, then mouth as he passed over her. By the time the head of his cock reached her soaking wet snatch, her face was level with his chest and her arms reached around the sides of his back.

The whole room was still as that bulbous head nestled against Clare’s sopping wet slit. Karl moved against her, pushing, labia parting and his cock began to force into and stretch apart Clare’s pussy. He worked his cock into her in a rocking motion, pressure then pause, pressure and pause. Clare screamed at the pitch of her voice, moaned low then wailed again, arching her back as that huge rod slowly took her. After a few minutes, I couldn’t see how, but Karl’s whole cock head was inside my wife’s little snatch. She was going crazy, stockinged knees high in the air, her stilettoed feet clamping the outside of Karl’s broad muscular buttocks, arms reaching around to his back, white fingers gripping black muscle. He grunted his pleasure as inch-by-inch, stroke-by-stroke he was pushing more of his cock into the near-hysterical Clare. She howled and shouted out that she was cumming.

Karl settled into slow rhythmic strokes, pulling his massive rod back so only the head was in Clare, then plunging back in. After a while, maybe ten minutes, he was getting most of his cock inside her and she was cumming again: head back shouting out in ecstasy. Her face was flushed red as was her neck, chest and breasts. I could see her pussy quite well from where I was sitting, it was totally stretched out thinly around Karl’s massive girth. I’d never seen anything like it in porn, except maybe in a movie with fisting.

After they’d been fucking for a long time, perhaps an hour, and Clare had had many orgasms, Karl picked up the pace and was working on his own pleasure explosion. Her face broke into a joyous smile and cries of pleasure where she realised he was about to blow inside her: she said ‘Oh, fuck me, fill me with cum, darling’. His body stiffened and his face grew intense and with short jerking strokes he came for several minutes, Clare cried out loudly.

They lay still for a little while with Karl still deep inside Clare. Then she caught her breath as he slowly slid his whole length out of her, as the bulbous head of his monster cock withdrew, cum poured out of her, down her arse and pooled onto the bed. Clare’s pussy was totally changed, no longer a sweet little hole, now a flushed and gaping maw, now able to pleasure a huge black stud.

Karl’s cock was still rock hard and dribbling cum, it ran over Clare’s clit and trickled down to join the rest oozing from her vagina. After a few minutes, He leaned back over and slid the head of his cock back into her, she shouted out in pleasure. Soon he was humping her as before, this time she was more vocal; ‘fuck me darling, oh fuck me hard, oh god yeah’.

After anther marathon fuck session, Karl came again. He was drenched in sweat, his muscles black and glossy, Clare was soaked in sweat too, her own and Karl’s, her skin was all flushed and pink. He got off her, lying to her side as they kissed each other’s mouth and neck. Across Clare’s belly lay that huge wet black cock. They were very intimate, Clare had laid her hand gently onto of that huge rod, stroking it, Karl was holding one of her breasts as he kissed her hard.

I felt awkward now and decided to leave, pulling the door behind me but leaving it ajar. I went down stairs and after a little while, I could her Clare groaning – they had started to make love again. She was very loud, I wasn’t worried about the neighbours hearing as they were some way off and the windows were double glazed. But in the noise of their love-making echoed through the house. After a couple of hours of trying to watch a film, I went to bed in the spare room. It was a sleepless night, I was woken regularly by Clare’s cries of pleasure.

The next morning I woke late to the sound of the front door closing. Groggy, I stumbled across the landing, and peeped into our (now Clare + lover’s) bedroom. She was asleep, half covered by the dovet, which was itself covered in cum. I crept into the room, Clare was still wearing her heels and stockings, and I undid her shoes for her so she could sleep more comfortably. Her pussy was exposed and cum oozed out of it, it was fleshy, swollen and gaping. Clare woke briefly and said, ‘hi’, she smiled a broad smile that looked like the cat that got the cream.